Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I have read all eight of Ted Bell’s novels and I consider his latest, WARLORD, to be his best work to date. From the first pages to the very last there is action and suspense to hold your interest along with beautifully written character development prose. Surely, Warlord will be another award winning New York Times bestseller.

Bell’s character, Alex Hawke, again takes you across the world from his elegant home in Bermuda to England, Scotland, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. I purposely will not divulge further details with the fear that I will spoil your reading enjoyment. I will tell you that the book caught my attention to the degree that I finished it in three enjoyable reading days.

One suggestion should you have not already been drawn to Bell’s work is that you read the six Alexander Hawke series books in order of their release. Frequently the reader is reminded of previous adventures by Lord Hawke making the stories flow nicely. Start with Hawke, Assassin, Pirate, Spy, Tsar, and move on to Warlord. You will not be sorry, and once you’ve completed the series I believe you will agree with my recommendation. Bell is a master at his craft.


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Texas Lieutenant said...

I think this is a good reason to visit the book store! Your previous recommendation about Hawke was great.