Sunday, September 12, 2010


When references are made to “Eating their Young” one normally thinks about savage wild animals, but recently we have seen clear examples of the mainstream media turning on their once adored President Barack Obama.

Let me draw your attention to a very recent article that appeared in the Wall Street Journal titled “The Obama Heyday is Over” at:

Now criticism coming from the Wall Street Journal is not a surprise, but I have observed strong negative words rendered lately in the pages of the liberal New York Times, and even The Washington Post. That means trouble for the Obama Administration as the November 2010 election rapidly approaches. Even Maureen Dowd has taken swings at the once highly praised Obama agenda with her strident quill, and that means big trouble.

Don’t you find it interesting to observe the media running for cover just in advance of what could be a historical swing in the electorate after less than two years? Your Commander finds it most amazing to witness the Commander in Chief continuing to display his arrogant, all-knowing attitude toward the American voters.

When the average “Joe on the Street” is hurting economically and unemployment continues to hover above 9.5%, and even higher in several urban centers, he jets off on his massive Air Force One for several vacations during August as if everything was hunkey dory. And I am not even going to comment on Michelle and Sasha Obama’s opulent trip to Spain and the cost the taxpayers incurred, other than to say couldn’t they have spent all that money somewhere in THIS country keeping jobs here?

Americans are hurting and they are frustrated and angry, but tragically our president just does not get it. He lives in a cloistered, isolated world protected by faulty liberal advisors who continue to push a series of programs that the American taxpayer opposes. One wonders if our president wants to drive the ship of state off a cliff, because he is sure acting like that with his action plan.

Come on November 2010! It cannot come fast enough for your Commander, because I want to see the CHANGE in government we never received with Obama’s election.


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