Wednesday, June 2, 2010


It has become routine for us to open our morning newspapers and read of some new scandal developing nationally, regionally or locally with our political leadership. Sometimes I believe we become too complacent and just think, “Oh well, what can we expect? It is nothing new.” That may well be so, but it does not make it appropriate to expect dishonest behavior from the individuals we place in high office and extremely important decision making positions. This is not a Democrat or Republican Party problem, but it is the world-wide corruption of the political process.

This morning I ran across a very interesting and extremely disturbing article by R. Jeffrey Smith, who is a Washington Post Staff Writer. Take a peek at this documentation of abuse and misuse of political contributions titled “Money intended to help candidates often ends up funding PAC’s themselves”.

Your Commander just does not know how we can solve this problem unless we just start cleaning house in Washington. Somehow we must get the vast sums of money out of our political process or we will continue to have corruption and pay-for-play based decisions driving our economy into further turmoil. Just where and when do we start to address this problem?


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