Wednesday, June 9, 2010


That is the title of a very interesting and revealing article written by Mark Thompson dated June 9th in Time Magazine. Your can read the entire article by pulling it up at:,8599,1995137,00.html

There is plenty of blame to go around, and the article covers both Republican and Democrat administrations. I continue to think that Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar should be fired, but you can draw your own conclusion. Something must be done to address the numerous failures of over-sight before we have another spill.

While all the talking heads rub their hands and stroke their brows, it is a fact of life that we will need to continue drilling for oil for many years to come. Hopefully, research and development will come up with an economically feasible alternative, but it appears to be years down the road. Obviously we need to re-examine, and even increase drilling in shallow waters until technology assures the safety of extracting oil in deep waters.

Clearly the rush to judgment on ethanol was and is a typical political blunder, which is often the case when government jams something down our throats. Ethanol has proven to not be an acceptable alternative, and it only drove up the cost of corn across the board, which then increased the price of all things corn related…think corn fed beef for instance. Thank you Big Government for another fiasco. Your Commander is certainly glad he did not invest in the numerous ethanol plants that our now floundering financially across our country.


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