Wednesday, June 2, 2010


On May 26th President Barack Obama held his first Press Conference in ten months, and it lasted over one hour and ten minutes. The questions were dominated by the tragic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, which is quite logical. However, considering the fact that our country is now in debt in excess of 13 Trillion dollars I was shocked that not one question was raised relative to our economy or about how this Administration planned to reduce our debt level.

The entire Press Conference was deflective and shifted blame for all current problems to other Administrations or influences such as the Republicans and George W. Bush, thus nothing really new came forth as a result of this staged public relations teleprompter farce.

Frankly, I believe our major media outlets have again failed to perform their mission by not asking vital probing questions, and frequently permitting our leadership off the hook with essentially soft-ball inquiries. Just today I received an interesting e-mail from an old business associate, and it is most appropriate to share it with you:


I think it is remarkable that within a week of Tiger Woods crashing his Escalade, the press found every woman with whom Tiger has had an affair in the last few years, with photos, text messages, recorded phone calls, etc. And, they not only know the cause of the family fight, but they even know it was a wedge from his golf bag that his wife used to break out the windows in the Escalade, not only that, they know which wedge! And each and every day, they give America more updates on his sex-rehab stay, his wife’s plans for divorce, and his plans to return to the pro-golf circuit.

Obama has been in office for over a year now, and this same Press still cannot locate Obama’s official birth certificate, or any of his papers while in college, or how he paid for an Ivy League education, or which country issued his visa to travel to Pakistan in the 1980’s as Barry Soretoro and even Michelle Obama’s Princeton thesis on racism. They just can’t be found or are under lock and key. Yet the public still trusts that same Press to give them the whole truth…truly remarkable!”

Just a little food for thought!


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