Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Increasingly I am struck by the power of the internet, and the growing influence it exerts in our political process. Within the last 24 hours I have received the exact same politically based communication from seven different sources ranging from friends in New York, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, Minnesota, Wyoming, and Arizona.

The article carries a series of pictures of Press Conferences of U.S. presidents over the past 30 years standing before a lectern and addressing those assembled and, I believe, a televised audience. The photos are of President Barack Obama on May 27, 2010, and former presidents George Walker Bush, William Jefferson Clinton, George Herbert Walker Bush, and Ronald Wilson Reagan. In each and every one of the photos there is at least one American flag flanking the president…except the photo of Obama in his most recent televised Press Conference. Apparently there was at least one flag in the room, but out of camera range.

Why do you suppose this situation happened? Remember, not only this president, but the White House in general is meticulous about protocol, photo opportunities, etc. In this day and age where the image seems to be the message, how could that happen?

Obviously this e-mail is a strong political statement of displeasure, and concern about our current leadership. What strikes me is the fact that the identical electronic message came to my humble address from seven different diverse geographical locations within a twenty-four hour period. To me this represents the power of the internet, and the depth of concern that exists across this magnificent country with Mr. Obama’s seemingly disrespect of our precious flag. Frankly, although it does cause me concern, it just makes me mad as hell.


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