Sunday, June 13, 2010


While scanning several internet sites yesterday morning I came across two very interesting articles that actually intersect on two very important subjects. One refers to the Tea Party movement’s apparent lack of organization and centralization. The second addresses an equally significant problem of our government’s complicity in preparing for possible mass attacks upon our populous.

Your Commander suggests reading The Washington Post article by Amy Gardner titled “Tea Party Candidates Hurt By Lack Of Organization In Movement” at:

With the November 2010 election so vitally important to achieving substantial leadership changes the article presents some definitive warnings to the Tea Party’s successful future. Can the movement deliver the apparent desired change without unity, and strong leadership is a pivotal question.

The second article is by highly regarded Wall Street Journal scribe Peggy Noonan titled “We Are Totally Unprepared.”

Here is a very alarming appraisal of our readiness for a terrorist attack with nuclear devices, because of our complicity. Quoting the late President Ronald Reagan “Man has never had a weapon he didn’t use.” Noonan’s attention to our failure of imagination is very appropriate and also alarming.

There are great parallels in these articles that will whet your appetite for better understanding of these important issues. Reading both will be time well spent on two subjects that will no doubt alter our history.


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