Saturday, February 13, 2010


Please do not suggest that I am plagiarizing when I incorporate the title of David Brooks op-ed column from yesterday’s New York Times, but it is most applicable to my thoughts on our leadership at this time. Let me suggest that you read David’s piece, before you read further, if you have not already done so at;

During the 2008 presidential campaign there was no bigger booster of the Obama candidacy than David Brooks. Now that Obama won and has served just over one year as our president, there is a decided shift by Brooks in the degree of support for his leadership. As you well know, I have been highly critical of Obama and have long felt that our major media outlets have failed to serve their readers well due to their thin coverage of Obama’s background and philosophies.

Your Commander cannot accept our president’s apparent total disregard for our precious Constitution, and his arrogance for fiscal prudence. Taking numerous polls into consideration, it is apparent that the majority of our fellow citizens feel the same and the main stream media outlets are finally doing what they should have done a long time ago, and that is provide in-depth analysis and background investigative reporting so vital to presenting the big picture. The results of recent elections in New Jersey, Virginia and Massachusetts prove the discontent of the electorate.

America is scared of the mounting debt and the apparent arrogance coming out of the White House to push Obama’s previously hidden agenda along with the self-serving programs of both Houses of Congress. Americans across the country are damn frightened of our future fiscal obligations, the endless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the looming fiscal support for a corrupt Haiti. The hard working American on the street is fed up feeding the ever expanding welfare rolls and immigration obligations, and is demanding a reduction in the runaway spending habits of Washington.

Maybe, just maybe, there is light at the end of the tunnel when we see the supposed enlightened media pundits coming to their senses. Unless Obama changes his stripes quickly I see him as a one term President. I also feel that huge changes in both the House and Senate will come in 2010 elections. In addition, the Tea Party movement is real and cannot be ignored any longer.

Your Commander has finally come to the conclusion that term limits are appropriate and necessary along with conformity to our Constitution’s guidance. Additionally, should our Congress vote to support another armed conflict there should be a rule passed that with that action a nationwide draft would automatically be instituted. That would cause Congress to think long and hard about their actions.

It is time to constantly be reminded to make your mandated voice heard loudly.
Your future and that of our children and their children demand your awareness and vigilant actions. Our country is currently descending, but it is not too late to reverse that tragic possibility. History has shown us what happened to the Roman Empire, and other societies that permitted poor governance to destroy their very existence.

May GOD BLESS AMERICA, but we all must work diligently to support his guidance before it is too late.


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