Friday, February 19, 2010


On a daily basis when President Barack Hussein Obama steps before his teleprompter and utters some new self-serving pronouncement my blood pressure immediately rises off the chart. My first desire is for our president to stop making so many televised appearances and get to work accomplishing all the goals he promised during his torturously long campaign. It appears to your Commander that once he took the oath of office he pulled out his previously hidden agenda and began changing the United States of America that we love and the rest of the world once admired.

I have a suggestion for my president, despite the fact that he says that the opposition has not stepped forth with any constructive recommendations. Well, I have one that can be instituted in a matter of minutes.

With the economy still in a deleterious condition our President can start saving money for the American taxpayer simply by going upstairs to the private quarters and having a meeting with his all-knowing wife Michelle Obama. It is now well past the time for her to stop making public pronouncements that expose her arrogance and elite attitude toward the citizens of this country.

Michelle Obama recently stated, “The truth is, in order to get things like universal health care and a revamped education system, then someone is going to have to give up a piece of their pie so that someone else can have more.” I am sorry, but that just does not jibe with her track record and recent displays of thumbing her nose at us plebeians. I wonder just what part of HER pie she is offering to give up.

Why not start with the immediate elimination of the use of Air Force One to fly the First Lady to New York City for “Date Night” at a cost of some ungodly sum of taxpayer money. Also consider the fact that several hundred working stiffs had to snap to attention to serve this selfish use of their special privileged position.

Our President should suggest that his brilliant wife stop telling the rest of the country how to live a life of service when she accepted an absurdly high paying PART TIME position at the University of Chicago Hospitals ($300,000+ for 20 hours a week), which must have contained a quid pro quo with her husband delivering a huge government taxpayer subsidy shortly after her employment. Some have even suggested that this was “pay for play” even before the ex-Illinois Governor’s complicity was exposed in the alleged attempt to sell the Illinois Senate seat. Others have suggested that little or no work was required for her lofty position. When she resigned the position was never refilled. Shame, shame, shame!

Most egregious is the well documented fact that our current First Lady employs a staggering twenty-two (22) individuals to attend to her personal needs at a total annual salary of $1,591,200 taxpayer dollars. Compare this outrage to the fact that the wives of Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, Carter, Bush #1 and Bush #2 had only one assistant. Hillary Clinton had three assistants. Note that Eisenhower even paid his wife’s aide’s salary from his personal funds.

If our President wants to reduce America’s debt, his wife should assist that effort. Is this her way of providing economic stimulus…serving her personal needs and ego? Apparently Barack and Michelle have been living at the public trough so long that they consider it their right to totally disregard commonly accepted behavior codes. But isn’t that typical of those living in our growing entitlement crowd?

Apparently this is the way the Obama’s define CHANGE and TRANSPARENCY. It is good for you and me, but not for them, the chosen ones and the rest of the American political elite residing in Washington these days.

Do you suspect our collective health will survive the reign of the Obamas?


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