Thursday, February 11, 2010


Your Commander and his GE (Great Editor) were driving to the Low Country of South Carolina on Super Bowl Sunday and much to our surprise we ran into a detour on Interstate #40. We had planned to arrive in Ashville, S.C. just in time to watch the Super Bowl football game, which was scheduled to start at 630PM.

Driving through snow covered fields and mountains we had absolutely no difficulty in making good time until suddenly we saw an electronic sign just east of Knoxville, TN announcing that Interstate #40 was closed indefinitely between Knoxville and Ashville. We were advised to take a detour that routed us way to the northeast some 50 plus miles to Johnson City, TN and then southeast to Ashville, N.C.

Despite the difficult driving conditions with nightfall, we arrived at our hotel with three minutes remaining in the first half of the Super Bowl. Being very tired I laid down to watch the game and fell asleep just after that great surprise call of an onside kick by The Saints to start the second half. I woke up with three minutes remaining in the 4th Quarter to see the Saints win their first Super Bowl. What little I saw of the Super Bowl was memorial and enjoyable.

The important thing is to alert you to this detour, so you do not get into a similar situation. There was a huge landslide from a mountain in northern North Carolina that took out the road in both directions and it will apparently take several weeks or months to repair and reopen the Interstate at this sight. Be alert to this travel problem and save yourself some time should you be traveling this well traversed route.

For those of you back north in the cold, be advised that it is also unseasonably cold in the Low Country and snow is predicted for tomorrow night in the Hilton Head area, but 50s return Saturday. Be that as it may, it is still one hell of a lot warmer than back home, and the sun is shining brightly. The Great Editor will be playing golf come hell or high water very soon, and I should be finishing my first book about that time.


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