Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Every year there is a plethora of new sports books, and many have been written about our National past time. Just last week my cousin gave me a 2009 book to read by Matt McCarthy titled, “ODD MAN OUT, A Year on the Mound With A Minor League Misfit”.

Critics have given early praise to McCarthy’s very frank work which provides a behind the doors peak of the minor league locker room and the picture is not one that will inspire many youth of America to want to journey into the competitive minor league arena. I must warn you that this book is not for tender ears, but it exposes the competitive atmosphere that anyone who wants the Big League experience and pay-off.

This is a very easy read and it is encouraging to note that all baseball players do not chew tobacco and lead wild and inappropriate lives. While McCarthy is maybe the exception to the rule, he is to be admired for accepting the fact that there is success to be found and achieved beyond the ball park fence.

In the future when I read or view stories about the annual ritual of baseball’s spring training or minor league teams. I will be reminded of the travails aspiring young men in this sport must endure. This is similar to the journey Marine Corp recruits experience during boot camp. The Minor League route requires a strong commitment that may be rewarded by an opportunity to play in the Big Show.

If you love baseball and are interested in all of the workings of the sport, this is a great read for a long airplane ride or a rainy day on a coastal island.


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