Tuesday, February 23, 2010


In the local Hilton Head newspaper I read an article promoting a planned festival celebrating the Gullah culture in the low country of both North and South Carolina. I had heard of The Gullah on previous visits, but didn’t know much about them. I was intrigued and went to my computer and found a very informative article at:


The Gullah people are African American descendents of slaves. The language they speak, crafts, and culture have been preserved all these years.

Hopefully you will find this information both interesting and, when you are next in this part of the country, you will enjoy their food and beautiful hand work, such as the baskets they make which are extremely collectable and are quite expensive.

When I read this e-article it reminded me of some forty plus years ago when I worked in broadcast sales in Chicago. Every year broadcasters met at both the Conrad Hilton and the Blackstone Hotel on south Michigan Avenue for the National Association of Broadcasters Convention. Every night the late Ben Williams, then the General Manager of WTOC-TV in Savannah, would regale the gathering in our hospitality suite with one story after another in the magnificent Gullah and/or Geechee dialect.

This is another example of learning something everyday and the fact that one small story can unlock an old memory of good times from many years ago. Life on this beautiful planet earth is certainly a wonderful experience to value and enjoy. You just never know what new knowledge or surprise will arrive each day.


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