Wednesday, December 23, 2009


As 2009 draws to a close we are about to celebrate another Christmas, and I want to suggest that we all read or re-read the beautiful Christmas story. There is much to be gained by understanding and appreciating this beautiful story of love and compassion.

As our troubled planet continues to spin on it’s axis we all have much to celebrate and appreciate. Be certain to tell your loved ones just how much you appreciate and love them, because one never knows when one can no longer render that important message. Hopefully, all citizens of the world will join together in approaching and resolving minor and major differences with a more conciliatory attitude despite the fact that history suggests that is wishful thinking.

Throughout the span of time our most serious conflicts have been religiously based and currently the tensions between a small segment of the Islamic World and the Christian World remain unresolved. Regretfully, I doubt we will solve these issues anytime soon, but that does not mean that more reasonable heads cannot and should not work toward finding a satisfactory peaceful solution. It may be naïve, but we must find a way to stop the killing of innocent fellow citizens of this beautiful planet.

This holiday our family observes the fourth anniversary of our first grandson’s passing. Robert Michael McFeely was a special loving child who fought a 24 year long courageous battle, despite very long odds, with positive good humor. We miss you Rob, but know that you are assisting God as he tends his flock. With every passing day Rob remains a caring GIANT in our lives.

Please take time to deliver a special prayer for all our troops serving throughout this vast world. They are serving so we all can enjoy the fruits of life with peace and safety. Their service should be an inspiration to all.

No matter what your religion, I wish you a Merry Christmas, and a very Happy New Year. If that offends you, I am truly sorry. If my message offends you, I suggest that you look to the message of Christmas and translate it to your religious preference, and enjoy the Holidays in a peaceful way with the guidance of the Ten Commandments.


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