Sunday, December 20, 2009


After reading Greg Mortenson’s best selling "THREE CUPS OF TEA" (earlier reviewed), I have come to the conclusion that there are well financed forces active to prevent, or at least delay the establishment of energy independence in the United States. There are several subversive movements whose goals are the massive expansion of their influence beyond the ultra-conservative segments of the Islamic culture. These statements are not some startling new revelation, but a well-known fact which keeps being swept under the rug.

The current unstable economy of our country is inextricably tied to our massive consumption of oil for a long time to come. Our economy cannot just walk away from oil, because our politicians think that is a politically effective talking point that appeals to their liberal left leaning voting base.

Recently it came to my attention that the United States actually has more oil under its ground than ALL the oil in the Middle East put together. This fact has been verified by the U.S. Geological Service in an April 2008 report. The oil is located in western North and South Dakota, and eastern Montana. The area is called The Bakken, and it is larger than the discovery in Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay, and it has the potential to eliminate our dependency on foreign oil imports.

Additionally, the United States government and environmental special interests have prevented the exploration of oil in nearby off-shore locations citing questionable environmental concerns, while oil exploration is occurring off the shores of Cuba by Chinese government sponsored companies. The recent government supported push to develop ethanol corn based gasoline has proven to be a real bust, and it has caused significant shortages of corn along with huge price increases for that vital commodity. This is a perfect example of haste makes waste, which may be the case too with the pending Health Care Bill.

The United States continues to depend upon foreign oil imports from Middle Eastern governments, and other corrupt foreign countries that thus pump trillions of dollars into their bank accounts. This out flow of our dollars negatively impacts our employment and income to our domestic economic interests. Government experts, economists, and academic spokesmen all agree that the development of a realistic, adequate, alternative fuel sources could be decades away.

In the meantime it was confirmed in Greg Mortensen’s THREE CUPS OF TEA that Saudi Arabian individuals are flooding into Pakistan and Afghanistan with suitcases stuffed with money to build Madrassas (Islamic schools for boys) with frightening consequences. In a Wikipedia Report there were 189 madrassas in Pakistan in 1947, 10,000 by 2002, and it is estimated to be over 40,000 in 2008 serving millions of students. We know for a fact that these schools teach a radical ultra-conservative form of Islamic study that has lead directly to significant increases in terrorist activities. Additionally it is a proven fact that the followers of these radical teachings have a record of creating large family units thus increasing their influence in the countries where they reside. The political influence of this radical group is growing at a staggering rapid rate around the world.

With these facts in mind, your Commander believes that we could significantly slow down the growing influences and actions of the madrassas in the Middle East, and around the world, if we were to take immediate action to significantly decrease our importation of foreign oil. By doing so we would put a huge dent into the economy of the Saudi Royal family, and the radical fringe elements of the Islamic faith.

Were America to dramatically reduce purchases of foreign oil and develop the resources that we know we have, we would bring economic enlightenment to those oil producing countries’ economies. Why not? Why should we continue to build our enemies’ economy and increase our debt levels? We could bring substantial pressure on those governments to take action against the radical elements working against society. Without the massive oil export revenue, the Saudi’s could not continue to fund the madrassas across the world, and our country would immediately improve our employment numbers, and keep vital dollars flowing into our economy.

I further suggest that in doing so, our government could over time withdraw our military troops from Iraq, Afghanistan, and many other foreign countries thus reducing our Defense Department budget substantially, too. This expense reduction would not happen overnight, but could take place as conditions warrant.

Why does our government not see this direct connection, (our purchase of foreign oil, and their funding of terrorists) which is obviously occurring? I suggest that someone is getting a pay-off, and it directly negatively impacts our national defense, our national debt, and works against the self-interests of our country. Appropriate compromises can and should be reached with our environmental special interests, but there is a greater need to address our energy independence now once and for all. Maybe twenty years from now there will be some economically feasible fuel alternatives, but in the meantime we must use our vast domestic supply of coal, natural gas and oil. The policies being followed by our country may address supposed global warming, but our country may cease to exist before we really can become Green.

Recent actions taken in Copenhagen prove that without the cooperation of China and India there will be little or no achievement in combating Global Warming, which in itself is beginning to draw growing skepticism. I for one am growing deeply concerned by all the con-men associated with the Green Movement, and commercial beneficiaries, such as General Electric.

Right is right, and wrong is wrong. Before some liberal hand-ringer starts saying that I am being anti-Muslim I want to make it clear that they would be dead wrong. My beef is solely with the small segments of Muslims that support violent terrorist actions. Stop the politics and just plain unmitigated duplicitous actions and resolve this vital national interest situation before the ultra-conservative Islamic fanatics rule the world.

It is far too early to suggest that there is a direct relationship to the recent tragic Ft. Hood killings other than the fact that the accused killer is a Muslim, so we should take it slow in drawing hard positions. Unfortunately actions such as this are identical to those resulting from teachings emanating from the Madrassas. The initial news reports were proven to be highly inaccurate, so we must wait for the trial and see what facts are disclosed. Early indications suggest that this may be just an isolated incident, but some feel it is part of the fanatical elements’ plot against our democracy. Obviously many facts are still missing, because it is hard for me to believe that a lone gunman could kill 13 people with only two handguns. Vigilance is appropriate, but patience is propitious.

Getting back to my main point…foreign oil replaced by domestic oil production is the clear solution. Why is there any debate? This is a situation that must be solved or the United States will ultimately cease to exist as we know it. Simply put, why do you and I permit our political leadership to continue to ignore the obvious duplicitous criminal actions going on in the Middle East and elsewhere? All of the responsible individuals and misguided special interests are not overseas, some are right here in the good old USA. Just tell me why we buy our oil from foreign countries that take our money then kill our fellow citizens and soldiers? Our great country has absolutely no moral obligation to keep funneling our precious petro-dollars to countries and people who are trying to destroy not only our democracy, but our very lives. Wake-up America and act responsibility.


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Thank you for the great blog. I may pick up the book. I wish we would open drilling up here in the U.S, at least more. This would help alot of issues. These issues you brought up. Again, loved the blog. Merry Christmas!