Tuesday, December 8, 2009


As the United States Senate met in an extremely rare weekend session attempting to formulate acceptable details on a Health Care Reform Bill that will garner the necessary 60 votes, there is still time to register your sentiments to your elected officials. We all should remember that people around the world have given their lives in an effort to acquire the right to be part of the political process, but we Americans take it for granted.

It is not too late for you to voice your opinion to the proposed legislation. I strongly urge you to participate in the process. There is no question that some kind of health care reform must take place, but is this the kind of bill you want? The significance of a Health Care Bill will have lasting influence to our daily lives and our quality of life, so do not pass up the opportunity to make your voice heard in Washington, DC.

My wife and I have individually contacted our Senators and even our House Representatives and rendered our opinions and urged our elected officials to vote according to the will of their constituents and not their self-serving special interest campaign contributors. It is your responsibility to act as a concerned citizen before it is too late. It is essential that we remind our elected officials that they work for us, and not themselves. Have you acted responsibly?


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