Thursday, December 17, 2009


If I did not know better I would think there are forces in our government that are definitely trying to destroy the United States of America. When I read my daily newspaper and listen to the Washington talking heads on the Sunday morning talk shows I am certain that my assumption is accurate.

Here are three examples that support my position, and be assured that I could list numerous other examples, too. To say that our government’s actions are bizarre is beyond my belief, but it is actually happening before our eyes.

1. Here we are in the midst of a recession with mounting debt and our Senate has passed an additional $1.1 trillion spending bill. Some portions of this legislation are just and necessary, such as funding Medicare/Medicaid. But, here are some other contents of the bill: funds to grant a 2% pay increase to federal employees who, in a recent government analysis, are reported to being paid excessively; expenditures of $3.9 billion to cover 5,000 projects requested by lawmakers or PORK; then, there is a stipulation for $5.1 billion for heating assistance for the poor, which is 40% more than requested. There are more questionable items, but you get my point.

2. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has granted $3.5 billion for projects that include little-used airports. As an example, per USA Today, $2 Billion is earmarked for low-priority projects, including $700 million for terminals. The Pelston Regional Airport in Michigan used $7.5 Million in federal funds to build a terminal with stone fireplaces and cathedral ceilings, and it averages three departures a day. Tragically this is not fiction, but proven reality.

3. Then, there is a most interesting post at by Joe Klein, whose work frequently appears in the New York Times, about our involvement in Afghanistan. With our President recently announcing the addition of 30,000 additional troops at huge expense to the American taxpayers, Klein questions the lack of participation by our NATO partners. He goes on to indicate that the real problem facing the ultimate solution in Afghanistan is the long-standing tensions between India and Pakistan, not the internal tribal problems in Afghanistan. Since we are pumping millions of dollars into both India and Pakistan why can’t we put stronger pressures upon both governments to solve their disagreements, which could directly impact a peaceful and cheaper resolution to the Afghanistan dilemma?

I keep wondering why we keep throwing our money into a conflict that does not really address the real root problem. Far too little concern is addressed for the loss of Afghani and American lives by our actions. Your Commander would put the leaders of both Pakistan and India in a room, and tell them to settle their differences now or there will not be one more dime spent to prop-up their governments. They could find a solution damn fast. It is far past the time to stop the diplomatic double-talk, and stop the killings and consequential wasteful spending.

I have not even addressed the wasteful Health Care Bill that is being shoved down our throats, which is loaded with pork, and it does not even solve the root problems of Health Care that we all want addressed. The pay-off to the trial lawyers is just plain criminal, but we are going to get some kind of a Bill despite the polls that reflect our over-whelming disapproval.

With trillions of debt facing our government, and ultimately the American taxpayers, how can our elected officials continue to add debt to the existing mountain of debt? It appears to me that there is a concerted effort to destroy the government of the United States by decimating our financial solvency. I have failed to see any indication of any degree of awareness of the urgency to address our financial obligations. We were promised CHANGE and TRANSPARENCY, but what we have so far is an apparent conspiracy to destroy our country, and place it in the hands of a ONE WORLD AUTHORITY, such as the corrupt UNITED NATIONS, which is controlled by Third World thugs.

Your Commander suggests that our new President is acting more and more like General George Armstrong Custer did at his battle at the Little Bighorn River, and we all know the results of his arrogance. (

Tragically for the American taxpayer our President Barack H. Obama is wearing blinders just like General Custer did in 1876. Do you suppose that history will repeat itself not with death, but mission failure?


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