Wednesday, December 23, 2009


This week my mailbox contained a slick four color, four page self-congratulating message from my Congressman, Joe Donnelly (D-IN) announcing he was “Fighting for the Right Kind of Health Care Reform.” My first reaction after reading his propaganda was to throw it in the wastebasket, but on further reflection I decided to keep it so I could compose this commentary.

As I have repeatedly stated, I do not want my Congressman going to Washington to “fight;” I want him to work with objective honesty for the best interests of his Congressional District and the United States. Additionally, I expect my Representative to function once he or she is elected in an identical fashion to that pledged during the election campaign. Tragically, but not unexpectedly, my Congressman has sold out the interests of his constituency to the Democratic Party, and his personal interests.

This is a candidate who pledged to fight waste, oppose earmarks, support an anti-abortion agenda, and be bi-partisan. This is the same Congressman who has supported Cap and Trade, brags about the recently passed Congressional Health Care Bill that is loaded with Pork, and now spends precious taxpayer dollars on his frivolous self-promoting expensive campaign literature. His latest self-praising brochure is a wasteful financial abuse of his franking privileges.

This is the same Congressman who flies home every weekend at government expense to appear at numerous photo-ops to brag about how he is looking out for our interests. He should stay in Washington and WORK to reduce spending, eliminate PORK that flows to his special interest campaign supporters, and stop selling his vote to the union movement.

Congressman Joe Donnelly has lost my vote, as has President Barack Hussein Obama, because they have both lied repeatedly to the American public when they vote for and repeatedly support PORK laden, fiscally irresponsible projects. Please remember both Donnelly and Obama pledged during the campaign to fight against PORK, but they sold us down the river to preserve their self-interests. Repeatedly both have failed to abide by their oath to support our precious Constitution.

The November 2010 Congressional Election cannot come fast enough for me to cast my vote to replace Joe Donnelly from his service to the odious Barrack Hussein Obama’s liberal, socialist, fiscally suicidal, hoped for one-term complicit administration. Hopefully you understand the depth of my concern for our country, because next November may just be the last opportunity we will have to express our opposition to elected officials who repeatedly enact legislation that runs diametrically opposite to the electorate’s desires.


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