Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Senior citizens around the planet are extending their thanks and admiration to veteran golfer Tom Watson for his magnificent performance at the British Open Golf Tournament. While he did not achieve his goal of victory, he did teach an important lesson to younger golfers who all too frequently are overly critical of older duffers.

Unfortunately Tom Watson (2 months away from his 60th birthday) just plain ran out of gas in the closing play-off holes against a much younger (age 36) Stewart Cink. Unquestionably Cink deserved to win, and I salute him for his brilliant achievement. Watson on the other hand has raised the desires and egos of all senior golfers, because they cannot and should not be considered as “over the hill” from this day forward. Watson’s performance will be long remembered in the annals of the Golf World.

There is still a fire burning brightly within the bellies of all senior citizens, and Watson’s performance proved that we should not be taken lightly. Keep swinging, and enjoy both the joy and frustration of this marvelous game of life, because the day will come all too soon when our clubs will be placed in the bag forever.


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