Saturday, July 4, 2009


The airwaves are awash with the political pundit’s analyses as to why Sara Palin has resigned her position as Governor of the State of Alaska. Frankly, I find this to be a refreshing change from the incessant media coverage of the sudden passing of Michael Jackson, and the Messianic sobbing for the passing of a music icon that obviously went off the deep end along the way.

Why did Sarah Palin resign? I do not know any better than anyone else. Only Palin and her family can answer that question, but I suspect that she has really ended her chance to become the President of the United States anytime soon. Honestly, I found it refreshing to see a political figure virtually tell the world…”Take this job and shove it!” The unwarranted ethical challenges and financial burden that Palin has been placed under is disgusting to say the least.

I think the policy of personal destruction that has been going on for the past couple of decades is keeping good, qualified people from running for public office. Between that and the seemingly constant effort necessary to raise re-election campaign funds drives others from seeking a return to office.

Why shouldn’t she go out on the speaking circuit and make the big bucks like Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, George W. Bush and Al Gore? If my family was confronted with a $500,000 legal bill I sure would want to erase it as quickly as possible and being the Governor of Alaska just will not resolve that obligation. Why shouldn’t Sarah write a book and cash in on her notoriety?

Like Sara Palin or not, and many do not, she did not deserve to be attacked with frivolous ethical accusations, all of which were found to be unwarranted. The attacks from within John McCain’s staff are just appalling, too. Life in politics today is not civilized, and it certainly is not for the faint of heart. I kind of respect her for standing up for her family and her privacy. The recent vicious attack by David Letterman toward her family was over the edge of decency, and CBS should have fired him or at least suspended him. It is about time that more people like Palin tell the elite attack dogs to just go to hell!

Only time will tell if Sarah Palin is destined for a major leadership role in America, but in the meantime I wish her some civility, happiness and privacy in her life in beautiful Alaska. Palin’s opportunity to make some big bucks will not last very long, so she better take advantage of it now before the current leadership takes everything she and the rest of us have in our pocketbooks.


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Texas Lieutenant said...

Some of the "jokes" about Sarah Palin's family were tasteless, that is for sure. But many of the ethical issues as best I understand were the reasonable questions asked about governors in any state. It seems that there was somewhat of a double standard in many respects about questions asked of Sarah Palin. Her supporters expressed shock at the sort of jabs commentators like Rush Limbaugh gleefully throw at the other side. Politics is hardball and politicans need a thick skin.