Sunday, July 19, 2009


With several significant issues coming up for a vote in the Halls of Congress, I want to address an important question. Have you contacted your Congressman and Senator to express your feelings on the important legislation coming up for a vote?

Specifically, I mean the issues of Health Care Reform, Cap and Trade, and Card Check. If you are not certain regarding what these potential bills contain, I suggest you research them using the search capabilities of your computer.

If you have done so, I commend you for your good citizenship and participation in our governance. If you have not gotten off your backside, you have absolutely no right to criticize our deteriorating liberties and standard of living here in the United States. I don’t expect or want any flowers from anyone, but I have emailed my Congressional delegate and both of my Senators expressing how I see the above issues and why I wish to see their vote agree with my opinion on this pending legislation.

Act now or forever hold your tongue. Should your Washington elected Representative or Senator not vote the way you wish you have only one recourse and that is to vote against them in the next election cycle. If you have not acted by making contact, it is essential that you get a copy of both the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence for your prompt review. Within the past year I have re-read both of these magnificent documents and found that doing so was a most rewarding and refreshing experience.


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Ensign EP said...

Congratulations on reaching 3000 hits Commander!

And yes, until you asked me yesterday, I must admit I didn't know who my Congressman was.