Sunday, September 27, 2009


Here is another suggestion to save you a couple of dollars. If you are interested in reading Rowan Scarborough’s 2007 book "SABOTAGE – America’s Enemies within the CIA", I suggest you pick it up at your local library. This is a small tell-all type book with a decided right-wing point of view, but it is not worth price you will be charged at your local book store.

Scarborough does a very good job of exposing the long established Ivy League elitist vent that has permeated the CIA dating back to the long tenure of Allen Dulles and the conservative influence once exerted by his brother, Secretary of State John Foster Dulles in the 1940's. Since those days the CIA has been transformed into an almost non-functioning intelligence agency due to inappropriate political budget cut-backs and shifting policies.

Instead of being a non-partisan intelligence agency operating in the pure best interests of our country, it has become a political football, endangering our long-term existence. The proven fact that the CIA operated throughout the Iraqi operations with very few employees who spoke the local languages is unimaginable, but true.

Currently our new administration is further eroding the CIA’s effectiveness by vetting agent’s identities and placing politically motivated policies that hamper effective intelligence gathering. The book does ask an important question, “Has the CIA become a rogue agency?”


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