Thursday, May 7, 2009


What comes next is not the chicken or the egg, but the possible economic and social collapse of our Democracy as we have known it since the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Each morning when I awake I thank the Lord Almighty that I have been given the privilege to cherish another day on this magnificent planet Earth as a citizen of the United States of America. Lately your Commander has added to his prayer a special plea that our Lord looks over our new President Barack Obama. I must admit that action is obviously selfish, because I am not an ardent supporter of his. Can you imagine what would happen to our country should our President be felled by an act of terrorists or some seriously ill person. Then we would have Joseph Biden as our President and maybe Nancy Pelosi would be the Vice-President. Senator Harry Reid’s influence would grow and Congressman Barney Frank could be named Speaker of the House. Hopefully, God will protect us all from that frightening possibility.

Having been fortunate to enjoy life in the good old USA for over 77 years, I cannot remember a time when there was more uncertainty or growing concern about the future course of the American way of life. After seeing the turnout of thousands of equally concerned Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, Conservatives, and fellow citizens of every race creed and color at the Tea Parties, something unique is really happening across the Fruited Plains.

I know that they will never admit it to the American public, but people like James Carville, Paul Bagala, David Axelrod, and the hammer, Rahm Emanuel, must be concerned that their deck of cards may be coming to an earlier end than they planned. I suspect that the Americans who gathered April 15th did so out of a mutual concern for the future of our country. They did not necessarily gather spontaneously, because the Fox News Channel wrapped its powerful media forces around the Tea Parties as if it was its own sponsored promotion. It was not a call to arms by Fox, but it was the American people truly opposed to the huge budget deficits and runaway spending.

It will be very interesting to see if the Tea Party initiative has legs and grows into a significant political force or an effective peaceful voting block. Your Commander believes that our new President and his Administration are attempting to accomplish far too much within the early days of his term. I stated in a recent commentary, “What’s the rush? Why don’t you sleep on it before you act?” Clearly, haste makes waste and we are already seeing massive waste in the funneling of stimulus money to short-term projects that are nothing but political payoffs to special interests, such as Acorn and the Union movements.

I do not purport to be a graduate economist, but I can balance my check book. I know that our government cannot absorb the massive debt that this new Administration has assumed without eventual massive increases in taxation and the diminishing of our quality of life. As President Ronald Reagan said in 1981, “Government is not the solution, it is the problem.”

Hopefully, you are not getting tired of me referring to Mark Levin’s best selling book “Liberty and Tyranny”, but he hits the nail on the head when he addresses an entire chapter to the United States Constitution. I believe the answer to the title question of this commentary “What comes next” is our beloved Constitution.

To quote directly from Levin’s book, “The Constitution is the bedrock of which a living, evolving nation was built. It is – and must be – a timeless yet durable foundation that individuals can count on in a changing world. It is not perfect but the Framers made it more perfectible through the amendment process. Our Constitution clearly specifies that the federal government should be small and the power of the States should be significant. The Constitution has led this great nation successfully through times of trouble before and it can do so again. We cannot count on income redistribution, or social engineering by an elite leadership group that no longer relates to the average American’s desires and dreams of Liberty as outlined in the Declaration of Independence."

As you may recall, your Commander was once a Republican, then became an Independent, but now he is a dedicated Conservative Constitutionalist. Americans can rally around the goals and intentions of our Founding Father’s proven words of leadership and wisdom. Social engineering subverts our Constitution and our leadership is not following their Oaths of Office when they abuse, misinterpret, and ignore that near perfect document.

When the likes of Al Franken can be permitted to steal an election to the United States Senate, then there is “trouble in River City.” It is time for the honest, God fearing good guys to stand up and be heard.


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