Saturday, May 16, 2009


With the posting of yesterday’s commentary titled “Great Quotes” your Commander’s total works for 2009 surpassed the entire 2008 efforts. On a pure numbers basis I wrote a total of 73 different rants or raves starting April 23, 2008 with “Sportsmanship Is Dead” through “Blessings To Count” December 23, 2008.

2009 started with “Down, But Not Out” January 3rd, and now 74 various commentaries later through May 15th’s “Great Quotes,” the 2008 number has been exceeded. Obviously I will continue to post during the remaining months of this year, and I promise you my wonderfully supportive readers, as well as my invaluable editor, that I’ll make a concerted effort to address equally significant matters beside politics. Believe me, this is not a solo effort, but a truly collaborative effort where our Chicago roots probably come through from time to time.

Speaking very personally, I have found this Blogging to be most rewarding and stimulating both emotionally and mentally. I especially enjoy delving into the research side of a subject, and this blog has become an old man’s fulfilling hobby. At 77 I find the old body starting to demand less vigorous activities, but this work keeps the mind both active, and ever inquisitive.

All of us who have been rewarded with Senior Citizen status are most fortunate, and I appreciate every day that the Good Lord has granted me. Being a realist I know the there are fewer days ahead than there are behind this magnificent journey. Accepting this premise, I wish I had entered this writing hobby thing much sooner, because there are so many subjects to address. Unfortunately there may not be enough time to cover them all, but I’m going to give it one hell of a good shot. (Don’t worry, my health is good.)

So over less than 13 months this is the 148th edition of F. Robert’s World. Thanks for your attention and loyalty. I promise to give you my best efforts in what remains of the Commander’s great adventure.


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Ensign EP said...

Commander - quite an achievement. I think Congratulations are in order!