Thursday, May 14, 2009


Your Commander pleads with President Barack Obama to slow down his frantic rush to fulfill all his numerous campaign pledges, because shortly we will need to replace the government’s worn out printing presses. As we enter the second 100 days of this Presidency we have already increased our national debt obligation to all-time historic heights and the end of increased spending remains in the far distant unspecified future.

Just yesterday our president gathered with his supportive clan (Rep. Henry Waxman D-CA, Vice President Joseph Biden, Rep. George Miller D-CA, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi D-CA, Rep. Steny Hoyer D-MD, and Rep. Charlie Rangel D-NY) to announce, “the stars are aligned” to pass his health care agenda this year, with the legislation set to begin in the House of Representatives in July.

President Obama’s latest daily pronouncement occurred just prior to his jumping on Air Force One for another gas guzzling round trip jaunt across the country to receive another controversial honorary degree and speak at graduation, this time at Arizona State University. Our president, who is calling for all Americans to conserve energy and “go green,” will be jumping back on Air Force One on Sunday to fly to South Bend (this time just a round trip half-way across the country) for an even more contentious commencement speech and to receive an honorary degree from the University of Notre Dame.

As I have suggested numerous times before, it is far past time for Obama to practice what he preaches. Apparently our lofty leadership lives under a different set of principles and obligations than the lowly taxpayers.

Several administrations, both Republican and Democrats, have called for affordable health care, but they have all failed due to an inability to agree to even the most basic approach in solving a most complex set of problems. With Obama’s party having a majority in both Houses of Congress, there is a big rush to push through his campaign intentions to buy lasting voter obedience with a Socialistic National Health Care system, no matter the financial cost.

Let’s keep in mind the frantic rush to quickly vote through (and never read) the Stimulus Package. How much has been spent in your community on so-called shovel ready projects since its February passage? Since the Stimulus Bill was passed, we the gullible voters are supposed to be thankful and consider the administration has solved that problem. So now Democrats expect us to jump into the next huge spending legislation before any significant questions can be objectively addressed. We are to forget the established fact that socialized medicine in Britain and Canada is anything but acceptable compared to our practically on demand health care. It actually kills people waiting for care, but Democrats would have you believe it is supposed to be so wonderful.

Would it not be wise to establish a true Blue Ribbon panel to study the multitude of problems and present solutions to first cut medical costs and then suggest a realistic way to pay for the programs they will suggest? The White House gang wants to rush this Health Care program quickly down our throats, and then move on to the next spending bill. After eight years they will be out of office with mega government pensions, and we the taxpayers will be left to pay the bills. Their health care will be totally free, and you and I will be paying through our you know what.

To pass meaningful responsible health care by July 2009 is totally unrealistic, and represents another example of the Washington Two-Step. Just watch, once again they will not have time to even read the massive legislation’s details. Expect to see the unions, welfare, and illegal immigrant crowd garner the bulk of the perks. This is just like the campaign promise Obama made to reduce taxes for 95% of Americans, however 50% do not pay any taxes. That is Washington mathematics.

To rush health care legislation through the House in two months and 18 days is nothing short of irresponsible. Here we go again America. I personally cannot afford this administration, and you cannot either.


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