Friday, August 8, 2008


Yes, I am old, but I can’t change that and I find it to be a blessing in disguise. Age provides experience, knowledge and a historical perspective. Hopefully, age also develops objectivity and the ability to distinguish right from wrong. While we tend to be more set in our ways, some old timers still have the ability to change minds. In recent years I have surely changed my opinions about numerous events and issues.

As this torturous election cycle continues, my frustration becomes more evident with each passing day. Our political discourse continues its historical coarseness and it insults the voter’s intelligence on a daily basis. Americans continue to eat up our candidates’ pandering and constant changing of positions without demanding substantially announced action plans.

It is of little difference if you’re a Republican or Democrat, because the spiel is all essentially the same. They continue to tell you what they think will get you to vote for them. While everyone wants to deny the fact that RACE has entered into the discourse, it has and we should face that fact squarely. Frankly, I do not feel guilty for past racial misdeeds, because I did not have anything to do with them. That was another time and place and those people responsible for those past sins have long passed to their just reward – Good or Bad.

I found ex-NBA super star Charles Barkley words to be dead on when he said, “Black people have been voting for the Democrats for forty years and what has it gotten them?” Republicans don’t have a stellar record on Civil Rights and that fact should be recognized, too.

Our society has become captured by the entitlement crowd and millions of our citizens wallow in a political WOMB TO TOMB philosophy. What has been achieved? Is this not the root of our economic budget woes? Where is the old American work ethic, which catapulted our country from its founding into the economic powerhouse of the world? It really came from massive immigration and the opportunity that America gave to hard working, family oriented, god fearing individuals who accepted the challenge that their American freedom provided.

Where and when did we go astray?

Many of our current problems date back to the Depression that started in 1929 and lasted until 1933. At that time President Franklin Roosevelt initiated many government funded programs such as the Civilian Conservation Corp (1933 to 1942) that put thousands of unemployed people back to work. The impact and influence of that Depression upon our daily lives continues still today.

World War ll gave work to millions starting in 1940 and 1941, but government supported programs were necessary to find jobs for the returning veterans in 1945. Also, In 1935 FDR signed the Social Security Act and Medicare followed in 1965. The age of entitlement has been creeping forward for a long time.

I submit that the American Way of Life began to unravel after World War ll and the Korean War. Our political leaders felt that we must save the entire world and we started throwing money around like there was an unlimited treasury. Our success world-wide during the Wars made our leaders feel invincible and that the entire world should be just like us. Millions of patriotic Americans returned home after saving the free world in devastating wars and all those veterans needed jobs and homes for their growing families. Our politicians answered that call with promises to everyone and as our post-war economy grew, they continued to promise wondrous perks and ignored fiscal responsibities. Our fiscal debt has continued to deepen as our political leaders keep promising hand-out programs to garner votes.

What has America gotten for its money? We have generations of individuals who have not graduated from high school and are thus under-educated and not able to earn adequate incomes, hence requiring welfare. We have bred generations of individuals who now feel entitled to government support and there is no motivation to improve their lot in life. Why work when the government will support your life style?

At the same time, our government felt that they could replicate their successful Marshal Plan rebuilding of Europe. We flooded countries across the globe with Foreign Aid and we decided that the entire world should be just like the USA. Our leaders failed to be well versed in the lessons of history, because money cannot buy friends in every case. A perfect example is the failure of the USA within the great halls of the United Nations. Rarely does the USA find any support for our positions, but we continue to throw money into that bottomless pit.

Without going into extensive detail, why can’t we address our frightful immigration policy? This country was founded on immigration and currently the policy is a nightmare. Our borders are not secure, we rarely deport illegal residents, and we permit criminal elements to fill our jails. We are destroying our hospitals’ financial viability caring for illegal, undocumented people.

We know we have a health care crisis and we cannot get our political leaders to work together to solve the issue, nor establish a workable program that will not break the bank. Why?

Social Security is on the brink of bankruptcy, but Congress does nothing. They continue to rob the Social Security treasury and place IOU’s in the vault, but never repay the loans. No wonder the Fund is in trouble. Why?

Why does the Speaker of the House arrogantly prevent a vote on Oil Drilling when a huge percentage of the American public supports drilling? It is a proven fact that drilling will bring a reduction in price per gallon. We need a comprehensive Energy Bill and we need it NOW…not after the election.

Earmarks continue to haunt me, but we keep electing the same people to Congress that are robbing you and me so they can satisfy contributors back home. Why do you keep electing these people who are stealing your tax paid funds? Are you getting any real benefit from Earmarks?

Age and hard work has permitted me the luxury of free time and the ability to read extensively. In my reading of history, I have learned that leaders of once great nations were frequently wrong and their decisions led to great losses of life and significantly changed the course of history. Clearly, Winston Churchill did many fine things, but he did lead his country and the USA into a frightful World War on two different occasions. The result of Churchill’s actions also led to the demise of the British Empire. While it is still totally unproven, George Bush ll may have done that with Iraq. Pat Buchanan in his frequently questioned book about Churchill and Hitler suggests that Mesopotamia (Iraq) and Afghanistan may be America’s Dienbienphu. Time will tell, but Dienbienphu sure destroyed France’s Southeastern Asia colony and led to the huge loss of life for many Americans. President John F. Kennedy felt the USA should save Viet Nam. Fifty years from now history will provide a clearer answer to the efficacy of Bush's action.

It just goes on and on and that is why I am so darn frustrated. I want to be more positive, because we live in the very best country in the entire world. I feel we are destroying ourselves from within, because of our apathy. I am not an isolationist, but we cannot cure all the worlds’ problems without solving our own. I remain uncertain that it is really our moral obligation to tell others how they should live their lives. If we should, why did we not address the genocide in the Congo, in Rwanda and currently in Darfur?

It is time to get our house in good order. Your vote is very important to assure the future of this wondrous country. Even with our warts, why do so many people still want to come here legally and illegally? The United States of America still must offer the best opportunity for anyone’s future.


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