Friday, August 29, 2008


Back on August 26th I posted an essay titled “There is Trouble in River City,” which I hope you have had an opportunity to read. In that work I suggested that we contact our Representatives in Washington and I did that today by seven personal letters.

Today I wrote individual letters to Senators Lugar and Bayh and Representatives Viscosky, Donnelly, Souder, Buyer and Upton. Attached to my letter was a copy of the blog “There is Trouble in River City”.

Yesterday the Democratic Party formally nominated Barack Obama, but will the Clinton supporters fall into place? Today we were all surprised by John McCain’s announcement of his Vice-Presidential selection, and will that choice deliver the desired female voters and appease the Evangelicals of the party? The next 67 days will be interesting to say the least. The results of this Presidential election will impact all of us, and our families for many years to come. Most Presidential elections do.

We are all very busy, but there is time to act, and your direct efforts can make a huge difference in getting Washington off their backsides to accomplish something of significance. For instance, why is Washington waiting to address the energy crisis until after the election, when we need action sooner rather than later? Pick your favorite issue and make your opinion known to your elected officials and/or those you support in the November race. Without your voice, your opinion is silenced.


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Singra4053 said...

this is very true-most people sit around complaining rather than taking action. Your blog itself is a step in spreading a Message. I'm so eager for the debates... This is like a superbowl with a million halftimes!