Monday, August 4, 2008


This project started back on July 19th, but for two very good reasons it has been delayed until today. First, two of my very close personal friends passed away within two weeks of each other. Secondly, when I first drafted this material I came up with seventy-four questions that I posed for your consideration and possible action. When my great editor (my wife, Dianne, or more affectionately known as dink) reviewed the writing it was immediately red-lined as being far too long. So here is a list of ten questions for you to ponder and I’ll address other items in some subsequent works.

It is now less than one-hundred days until the election of our next President and I can not remember a time in which we have been more divided in our national consciousness. Everybody is angry with the President and Congress and our government seems to no longer function for the benefit of WE THE PEOPLE, but for the members of Congress and the special interests. Between now and the election you should answer some questions and hopefully do something that activates your positions.

1. Do you support Congressional earmarks or would you support pork projects if they were proposed as stand alone legislation?

2. Do you favor an immediate withdrawal of all American Military units in Iraq?

3. Do you think the Presidential election season is too long or should it be restricted to a defined shorter period?

4. With Congress receiving only a 9 percent approval rating do you plan to vote your current elected official in or out of office?

5. Why does Congress fail to do anything regarding gasoline prices?

6. Are you in favor of public contributions to the election process or do you support federal funding?

7. What is your position on local, state and federal taxes? Do you believe a tax revolt is possible or realistic?

8. Do you feel the current candidates for President have been vetted sufficiently and objectively?

9. Does presidential authority to nominate candidates for the Supreme Court influence your decision in voting for a President?

10. Do you write or email your elected officials expressing your opinions or concerns on specific issues?

Certainly each of you would have a different list. I would like you to think about these important matters of the day. Hopefully, you will be moved to do something to address, resolve or prompt action in some way, but at least stimulate your thought process and discussion.

I remember my dear Father telling me in the early 1950’s that he felt the country was going in the wrong direction. Currently that concern has crossed my mind on several occasions. I ask myself if we are so confronted with problems that apathy and frustration has influenced our daily lives and decision making.

For far too many years I have been complacent and felt that I had little influence on the important issues of the day. I now compare my attitude to a drop of water on a stone, but on reflection I realize just how powerful multiple drops are on the ultimate shape of that stone. Your one voice can be heard and it can be influential in assuring the benefits of long-term survival of this great country.

The United States of America must re-establish its position as that bright shining place in this often confusing, frightening but wonderful world. We, both you and I, have a significant responsibility to leave this country better than it was when we were fortunately born as citizens of the United States of America. Make your voice heard and participate in our future course now. Your Commander is proud to be a PROVOCATEUR.


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Sherry said...

I feel as if I'm in a political science class. You would make a great professor. You sure know how to make us think about our country and our future. Thanks.