Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Amazingly, despite all the difficulties facing Americans today, the USA is still the best place in the entire world to be born. To be a citizen of this country is a prize that thousands of people desire, and they fight to get into the USA legally or illegally daily. We who are native born or naturalized legal citizens are truly blessed.

With that in mind, we are currently confronted with multiple forces and converging incidents that are threatening the future security and very existence of our way of life. While we were all glued to our television sets watching the Beijing Olympics, the USA was sent a strong message by the government of the Peoples Republic of China with their staggering opening night pageant.

I believe the Beijing Olympics were the best Games I have ever witnessed personally or via television. In addition to presenting formidable teams in all events, China showed the world that they are no longer just a huge backward country, but a force that has pulled all their people together and delivered a first-class product that is the envy of the world. China announced to the world that they have qualified, educated people, the financial wherewithal, a massive population, a huge army, an exploding economy, and an all powerful government that rules with an iron-hand. In putting on the 2008 Olympics, China not so subtly said, “Don’t take us for granted or ignore our concerns, needs, and interests. We have come a long way from the days of The Long March at the end of World War II.”

Right at the start of the Olympic Games Russia invaded independent Georgia, which resulted in hundreds of deaths and disrupted the lives of thousands. The timing of this incident was clearly a carefully planned incursion that took advantage of many world leaders being at the opening of the Games. Massing a huge invasion force took weeks of planning, so this was in the works for sometime. Where was the American intelligence apparatus to alert the world to Russia’s pre-planned attack?

Our President is in the closing months of his term and our government is occupied with the coming election, not to mention the huge energy/economic crisis that negatively impacts our daily lives. The United States is involved in two Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and has taken a position opposed by the Russians with the expansion of NATO to countries adjacent to Russia that were once portions of the USSR.

The Chinese have serious internal issues feeding their huge population and maintaining their economic engine. Unrest exists with Chinese western providences like Tibet. They desperately need Russian oil to feed their economy, so they will not step forward to hinder Russia’s efforts to control the pipelines across Georgia.

Russia is desperate to feed their huge population and their economy is hinged on maintaining a high per barrel price for their vast oil reserves. Without control of oil reserves and the continuation of substantial oil revenue Russia will have big financial trouble.

The United Nations cannot be counted upon to do anything of substance in Georgia, because Russia has a veto within the Security Council. All the oil producing countries realize that with the growing demands for oil across the world they have a product that will only last just so long. With technical developments on alternative energy sources, the end is in sight for the countries that count on oil revenue to prop-up their governments and feed their people. The Arab countries have a very bleak long-term future, because there is no other economic resource to sustain them when the oil runs dry.

While the USA cannot, and should not depend upon oil as a viable energy source forever, we must increase our homegrown supply until we develop alternatives. Our government currently is playing politics with a real energy solution, but I believe the Democrats can read the tea leaves and will vote to drill and plot a course for energy independence. Any student of Economics #101 knows that increased supply will result in decreased prices. A vote to drill will send a strong message around the world that we mean business, but it is up to the American voter to demand action in Washington and to do it now.

The USA cannot continue to send hundreds of millions of dollars to foreign oil producing countries without causing permanent damage to our economic future. I believe it makes good financial sense to pay ourselves, at least, a huge portion of our energy dollars and pump our economy and not further damage our balance of payments. Why do we continue to funnel petro-dollars into Arab countries, Russia, China and Venezuela who are trying to destroy our society and financial structures?

The price of a barrel of oil has dropped substantially in recent weeks, because the American public cannot and will not pay $4.00 or $5.00 per gallon. Our sharp reduction in driving has proved the economic model that less usage of a product reduces the price.

There has never been a time that requires thoroughly researched prompt action on the part of the USA than there is now. We must show Russia, China and the entire world that we can and will solve our energy problems and we will not permit our future economic security be bullied by any foreign governments. It is embarrassing for the USA to see that Brazil has gained energy independence by utilizing sugar to create bio-fuel and thus no longer rely on foreign oil.

The political bickering in Washington is playing into the hands of our enemies and causing daily financial hardship to all Americans. The environmental lobbyists influence our Congress and are road blocking progress in securing vast oil deposits in ANWR, and their actions are self-serving and anti-American. The caribou herds in Alaska have in fact thrived since the pipe-line was built years ago.

Any student of history will remember that we were clearly warned of the threats confronting the USA by the Russian bear and the Yellow Peril of China by Winston Churchill, George S. Patton and my old Commanding Officer, General Douglas Macarthur. Our leaders and our citizens were so happy to have won WWII that we did not heed that well-founded advice and we are now paying a huge sum for our complacency.

Your Commander cannot believe the arrogance being demonstrated by the Democrats’ leaders Senator Harry Reid and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi continuing to play the obstructionist card. The Republican leaders are not blame free either. Both parties are ignoring the will of their constituents when they fail to address a bi-partisan energy bill. What is going on along the shores of the Potomac River?

If we look at our history, we can learn how to address the events confronting our world. We can solve our needs and interests, just as we did when we resolved to go to the Moon. We need another Teddy Roosevelt to walk softly, but carry a big stick, and we require Harry Truman’s straight talk. President Ronald Regan brought down the Berlin Wall / USSR, but we must stop the present political posturing, and obstructionist tactics before it is too late. There is trouble in River City, but we can, and must turn it around into another great American achievement.


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Texas Lieutenant said...

Good observations about China. They even made their air pollution disappear! Magicians! Maybe our capital will work some magic after the election is settled and get something accomplished.