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With apologies, this is a little long, but if you read through you will understand.

Surely some of the Commander’s readers will disagree with my position on ex-President William Jefferson Clinton. It makes little difference if you’re from a Red or Blue State; it is of little importance if you’re a Republican or Democrat. Clinton is recognized as a lightning-rod across America. At least give me a few minutes to outline my feelings on one of the most controversial, prominent figures on the American political scene.

Personally, I was offended to see that a large Boeing jet full of reporters recently flew to Africa to cover Bill Clinton’s tour of several countries in conjunction with his Clinton Foundation. I suspect that the Clinton Foundation has provided some improvements toward the plight of citizens in Africa, but a plane full of journalists represents the hypocrisy of the “green conscious” mass media.

It is my position that the main-stream media has long been in love with the Clinton persona and they continue to fall over themselves to portray him as a great leader and humanitarian. History certainly will establish that President Clinton made many significant contributions to the betterment of mankind, but in view of the numerous blemishes to his Presidency why does the media continue to promote him as their darling?

First, to call Clinton “America’s First Black President” is a disservice to many outstanding African-American leaders, and that “title” is not supported by many blacks. Bill Clinton has, throughout his political career, pandered to black constituents and thrived financially with their voting support. When he left the Presidency in shame, he moved his government paid office to Harlem, but that was after the U.S. Government refused to pay an exorbitant rental fee for his first choice in mid-town Manhattan.

Clinton’s office in Harlem remains a pure PR stunt and his living in Chappaqua, NY. proves his hypocrisy. Chappaqua is one of the most affluent, exclusive suburban white neighborhoods in the New York City area. That relocation from Washington and not to his native Arkansas was to position his wife for a carpet-bagger run for the New York Senate seat. Who is kidding who? The Harlem office location was another example of the Clintons’ pandering for the black vote.

President Clinton brought international and national shame to the office of the presidency with the Monica Lewinsky scandal. His repeated denial and oblivious lies cannot be condoned, but the main-stream media handled this story as if it was a mere indiscression. His actions were deplorable and it was only due to a sympathetic Senate that saved his skin against removal from office. There is no way that Clinton can deny the impeachment action and it will be a huge part of his legacy. Since leaving office, Clinton has strutted around the world as if the Lewinsky scandal or the impeachment action never happened. In my opinion, dishonor should have followed Clinton for disgracing his Presidency. If you or I did as Clinton did we would be shamed, shunned, fired, and possibly be in jail…but not Clinton.

Why did President Clinton reject the offer to capture Osama Bin Laden when the Sudanese Government offered him on a plate? While the Justice Department has said they did not have sufficient evidence to prosecute, I wonder how history would have played out had Bin Laden been taken out of action?

Clouds of suspicion have followed both of the Clintons throughout their political careers, but nothing seems to stick. I wonder if we will ever really know if they were guilty in the Arkansas Land Deal.

Don’t you wonder just how many times Bill has made improper sexual advances and/or has had affairs? Would it not be good to know the real story behind the suicide of the White House Assistant who was found dead by the Tidal Basin in Washington? What is the real story behind the fact that key former Clinton White House aide, Sandy Berger, admitted to removing classified documents without authorization AFTER Bush became president? The questions continue, but again the main-stream media has not done their job of thorough investigative reporting on these and other unanswered questions.

The recent arrest of the ex-Bosnian Leader Radovan Karadzic raises new questions that then Sec. of State Madeline Albright and Asst. Sec. of State Richard Holbrook offered immunity from prosecution if Karadzic would just go away quietly. If that is true, the international court at The Hague will have a difficult time finding Karadzic guilty of the many charged crimes of genocide. I doubt the truth of this situation will ever see the light of day.

How do you think the families of the American Soldiers who were butchered in Mogadishu feel? Clinton authorized sending our brave men into Somalia to stop the slaughter of innocent civilians by War Lord Thugs. Our troops were killed and dragged through the streets by the mob and Clinton withdrew our forces. Clinton’s failure to address and retaliate is, in my opinion, inexcusable. Look at the current situation in Somalia today and we should be ashamed of permitting that situation to fester.

It has been widely reported that President Clinton has made millions of dollars from his book sales, and even more from associations with and Board Memberships on foreign companies. While the book sales are legitimate, I find the association with foreign governments to be reprehensible. His continuing close relationships with leaders in Dubai are at least inappropriate for a past President and to take millions in compensation is disgusting. The American taxpayers should know full details about who is contributing to the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Library Fund as long as he is receiving a pension and Secret Service protection paid by taxpayer funds as a retired President.

The recent campaign of Hillary Clinton for the 2008 Presidency has been interesting to say the least and Bill Clinton played a significant role with numerous personal appearances. Bill’s involvement raised legitimate questions and concerns, especially his introduction of race in the closing days of the South Carolina Primary. History may establish that he actually caused Hillary to fail in her quest for the nomination

For the past fifty years your Commander has been a keen student of the American Political system and for all those years the Democrat Party has claimed to be the Party of Black America. While the Black People of America have cast their votes to the Democrats just what have those votes gotten them? From my perspective, the only thing Clinton and the Democratic Party did for the Black man was increase entitlement programs that keep Black people under their umbrella and restrict their opportunities to get out of poverty. The Party’s blind obedience to unions has, for instance, prevented significant improvements in our educational system, which further hampers everyone’s upward mobility. Blacks should have been receiving a hand-up, not a hand-out!

We have not heard the last of the Clintons as a political force. Why I do not know in view of all the baggage they continue to carry. Hillary is going to have her name entered into the nomination process at the forthcoming Democratic Convention. One must wonder just what last minute surprises the Clinton trash machine has up its sleeve.

Recent developments seem to confirm Bill Clinton’s lukewarm support of Obama. In an interview in Africa he did not endorse Obama and answered only that no one was ready to be President of the United States, not even him when he entered office. I see clear resentment toward Obama that may only linger and never totally heal.

Ex-Presidents of the United States of America have a legitimate right to make money once they leave office, but they should do so with class. I believe that President Jimmy Carter has not conducted himself with grace and distinction; however, he has done wonderful work with Habitat for Humanity. President Nixon got what he deserved, but he did good work in opening our door to China. Past Presidents Johnson, Ford, Reagan and George H.W. Bush all took on senior advisory rolls with dignity and honor to the office they held.

Bill Clinton has blatantly used his past office to make huge amounts of money in ways that bring a further shadow to his Presidency. Even in the closing days of his Presidency the Clintons took furniture from the White House that they were later shamed into returning. Clinton abused his office until the last minutes, selling pardons to known criminals who contributed to his Library.

So, tell me why does the main-stream media still praise and continue to promote a myth of Clinton as a great leader, and America’s First Black President who in reality brought great lasting shame to his terms? Recent television interviews reflect a spoiled, petulant individual who constantly craves to maintain his position at the center of adulation.

Before you say it…What about our current President? I will save my comments about President George Bush until he has leaves office. Be assured your Commander has a lot to say about his presidency too, but thus far he has not strayed sexually from his ranch…at least as far as I know..


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