Friday, March 19, 2010


Dishonest and deceptive practices are nothing new in the Halls of Congress, because for the past twenty years our elected representatives have been raiding the Social Security Trust Fund to pay for their pet political projects. Congress has borrowed $2.5 trillion dollars from the once positive balance of the Fund, and placed IOU’s in an obscure Parkersburg, W.V. office of the Bureau of Public Debt. These borrowed funds are secured by Treasury Bonds and with a projected $29 million dollar short-fall this year alone, it is past the time to pay the piper.

Our elected officials have long known that the Social Security Fund will definitely run out of money to meet the retirement projections by 2037 so definitive action is required. Our representatives have been kicking the can down the road for years, because this Social Security under-funding problem is a political hot potato.

As our government continues to operate without any regard for fiscal responsibility, our national debt continues to climb to unsustainable levels that generations to come will be required to repay. It is thus apparent that it we must elect officials that will step forward and address the hard realities of the day. Congress must find a way to live within its means, because we the American taxpayers will be left holding the bag with the only way to pay for the irresponsible fiscal actions will be to raise taxes. Be assured Congress will not personally pay for their mismanagement.

Your Commander suggests that we start by cleaning house in Washington, and get leadership that will face the hard realities of responsible, logical financial action. This action should begin with the elimination of the many special perks Congress has voted for themselves, but do not hold your breath on that happening with the current leadership. We cannot live on the theory of deficit spending, and our government cannot either. Aggressive action against fraud and corruption is necessary. Wasteful spending can and must be cut to the bone, and it should start with the elimination of massive pork appropriations. Any candidate that will not sign a NO PORK commitment should not be elected or re-elected.

Social Security preservation will not come easy, but corrective action is necessary now, and not at some future date. This is essential to address our national debt obligations. This is not an issue to pass to future administrations. We taxpayers cannot afford to continue supporting legislation that’s only real purpose is to buy votes to preserve the terms of members of Congress or the Administration. Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and Geithner are all proponents of the Theory of Deficit Spending. STOP ALL UNNECESSARY SPENDING NOW. Spending what you do not have is pure suicide.


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