Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Much has already been written about President Barack Hussein Obama’s recent secret trip to Afghanistan. In my opinion most of the stories have been extremely favorable to the President, but I beg to differ.

While our President basks in the glory of his recent signing of the Health Care legislation, secured with one of the most brazen examples of political manipulation, Obama quickly jumped on his personal toy, Air Force One, in the dark of night to deflect the growing criticism of his administration. Let no one be mistaken, I strongly believe that this trip was a carefully orchestrated diversion to place Obama in a favorable light with the support of a biased world-wide press.

I believe that Obama’s handlers must have been up nights carefully crafting this super-secret trip as a way to divert attention from the growing discontent to the signing of his Health Care Bill. Just consider for a moment that Candidate Obama promised CHANGE and TRANSPARENCY along with strict adherence to fiscal conservation, and all those promises have clearly been abrogated. The public is increasingly up in arms and their discontent grows by the day, which is supported by many nationwide polls.

As a cunning ploy of TRANSFERENCE, not to be confused with TRANSPARENCY, Obama’s henchmen hatched a plan to secretly fly him on Air Force One for a 13 hour flight each way to one of the most dangerous places in the world so he could give a tongue-lashing to President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan. History will prove at some date in the distant future that this meeting was really a joke with two of the most corrupt leaders on the planet posturing for television cameras.

For just one minute consider the millions of dollars spent on this charade from our already depleted treasury. How much carbon did Air Force One place into Al Gore’s globally warmed unfriendly skies? Consider just how many individuals and air planes were dispatched in the effort to cover Obama’s safety? Imagine just what the consequences would have been had Obama’s plane been shot out of the skies and Vice-President Joe (prince of the four letter word) Biden became our President. Additionally, consider the hypocrisy of Obama admonishing Karzai about corruption while Karzai is laughing all the way to the hidden stash of American taxpayer dollars sitting in his vault.

We are now told that President Karzai will be visiting Washington in mid-May. So, why couldn’t that trip have been moved forward saving the American taxpayers one hell of a lot of money, not to mention less polluted skies since Karzai’s entourage is likely much smaller than Obama’s. With the United States fighting and dying in a War to save the Afghanis and their puppet government, we certainly have the right and clout to tell Karzai to come see Obama in Washington.

This whole thing makes me sick when I see the fawning liberal leaning main-stream media falling all over themselves praising Obama for going “into harm’s way” to salute and support our brave fighting women and men. One must wonder just what our very brave young warriors are really saying about the Hollywood production they were subjected to just before he stepped back on Air Force One to fly safely home to his elite enclave in the White House.

That trip was one of the slickest examples of TRANSFERENCE I have ever seen and it would make a New York City Madison Avenue advertising executive smile with satisfaction for having pulled off another great scam.

I hope you enjoyed it, because we paid for what was nothing more than a public relations stunt.


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