Thursday, March 18, 2010


After five wonderful weeks on Spring Island in the Low Country of South Carolina it is good to be Back Home in Indiana. As we drove across the border from Kentucky into Indiana I could almost hear Jim Nabors singing “Back Home Again in Indiana” as he does at the beginning of the Indy 500 each year.

As reported earlier, we were dog and cat sitting for my cousin while he and his family were in Costa Rica building a home for Habit for Humanity. We fell in love with their two affectionate and well trained dogs and two friendly and curious cats.

Although our recent trip provided only a few warm days, and even delivered the first snowfall to that part of the country in twenty some years, we still enjoyed our visit. (Al Gore must have been crazed with the risk presented to his personally profitable global weather con-job.) We have been visiting this part of South Carolina for the last eight years or so and enjoy the lifestyle, change of seasons, and architecture, among other things that the area has to offer. In fact, we are seriously considering a move to that beautiful part of the country.

As we drove each way through South and North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, and all the way up the full length of Indiana, we frequently observed blue signs proudly proclaiming the road work taking place was a result of the Stimulus Plan, but absolutely no road construction was being done. Enough said about all those shovel ready programs and the jobs the federal expenditure was to provide. Up to this point the only jobs that were impacted were for the guys who painted those signs, and I doubt they were newly employed. I suspect they were painted by some well connected company with one of those earmarks that obligate loyalty to Obama.

The other morning I heard on a local radio station that for the first time in the history of Indiana more people are working for the government than in manufacturing. With the automotive industry in the tank, the recreational vehicle business almost destroyed by the high price of gasoline and the recession, this development is not surprising. Additionally, many small manufacturing jobs in the auto parts business have vanished overseas and may never return.

This development makes all those people working in government jobs (federal and state) dependent upon big government for their livelihood. I think that status directly impacts the workers judgments when they enter the voting booth, and your Commander suggests that the Obama administration wants that obligation to be increased significantly in the future.

When it comes time to vote next November I would hope that you do not fail to remember that Obama promised us total unemployment would not grow above 8%. With his full emphasis on the passage of the pork laden Health Care legislation that 61% of the American public doesn’t want, and his apparent disregard for his pledge to create jobs, it is now past the time for us to send him a demanding signal. Our president’s agenda is not helping the average American, just his obligated inner-circle gang of elitists and the entitlement slaves.

Indiana is not alone with the problems facing America today. We are experiencing a nation-wide political and economic crisis with a government that wants to keep us under its thumb, and is running amok. Yes, we (the electorate) took Obama’s campaign bait, but it is not too late to stand up for the Constitution our Founding Fathers wrote to guarantee a lasting “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.”

We must join together to assure that we do not become “The land of the oppressed and the home of the fiscally destroyed.” We owe it to our forefathers, our children, and generations to come to assure this wondrous thing called The United States of America is perpetuated.


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