Friday, September 5, 2008


Now that both the Democratic and Republican Conventions are over we are about to be bombarded by an onslaught of commercials and over the top non-specific pleading for our votes. No matter who wins this election, the future of the United States of America is in for some dramatic changes…like it or not.

As a retired ex-Television Station General Manager, I believe that our major media outlets have failed their audience in their desperate efforts to trim expenses and remain competitive in a shrinking audience environment. Today’s media leaders have failed to remember William Shakespeare’s statement “The Play’s the Thing”. While the competitive atmosphere has changed substantially from the time I was active, the program content is no longer attracting audience levels that deliver ever growing revenue streams. Cable and the internet have changed the game forever, but the pressure to feed the greed has resulted in a dramatic reduction in their program content quality.

With this in mind and understood, why has the main-stream media failed to address pressing questions in the vetting process? Are they so politically patrician that objectivity has ceased? That question should be addressed both ways from the right and left too. Edward R. Morrow must be turning in his grave.

I believe that American voters should know just what is a Community Organizer?
Who hired Obama for that job and what did they pay him to perform his duties? There is something that does not add up for me when you consider this is a man we are told left Harvard Law School with substantial loan obligations, and then he took a job that supposedly paid little, he moves to the Illinois Senate that pays a nice salary for what is considered a part time job ($67,833 in 2008, but quite a bit less when Obama served), but not a fortune, then he gets elected to the U.S. Senate, and can now suddenly afford to buy a multi-million dollar home. Why has the media not asked these questions? Who is really behind this candidate? Do we know?

Similar questions will or should be addressed for the Republican Vice-Presidential candidate too. Currently we are being asked to take Palin at face value on one good speech. I need more information, if she is going to be one heart beat away from the big Office.

How can the media demand more information on Palin when they praise and take at face value slim information about Obama’s early years? What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Additionally, are you concerned about the almost total lack of coverage by the media to the demonstrations at both Conventions in Denver and St. Paul? There was virtually no video coverage of the thugs who roamed the street breaking windows, damaging cars and attacking Police. Why? How many were arrested and will they serve jail terms or be released quietly within the next few days by their ACLU lawyer’s efforts.

I believe these are dangerous people who are heavily financed by some source that is clearly trying to disrupt our society and political system. Where is the media coverage? Who and what are behind these goons? They travel the world to demonstrate against entities we support and it cost vast sums of money. Who is paying the bills? You and I should know this and we should know it now. Only today was there a very small article buried in the pages of USA Today, but it answered none of my questions.

In the Commander’s opinion the cable news channels are destroying their creditability with their patrician haranguing, talking over one another, constant yelling and over-commercialization. The free over-the-air networks have become so political bias (left and right) that they, too, are difficult to view. They both wonder why their viewers have abandoned them, because they cannot see the forest for the trees. The nightly network news is now one big series of commercials interspersed with self-serving cross-promotion program content and little actual news.

We need answers to these and many other questions, and both free and cable media owe America answers right now.


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