Thursday, September 18, 2008


Yesterday the House of Representatives passed legislation that supposedly authorizes additional oil drilling fifty miles or more off the coast of the United States. While I have not seen the actual Bill (it is not even on Google) the American public has been kept in the dark by the mainstream media, because the information is not making the newspapers or national television news programs. The action by the House is buried in the frantic effort to hype the story of the collapse of our large financial institutions. It looks to me as if the media wants our financial systems to be destroyed by our panic and they are doing little to calm the public. Do you suspect for a moment that there is political bias in our media?

I know that the Senate is to take up the Energy Bill next week, but what little has been leaked to the public indicated that the vital energy issues confronting you and me are not being addressed. Yesterday, I personally saw gasoline prices in my community at $4.18 per gallon and the per barrel price has dropped significantly in the last month or so. Yes, I know that there are some gasoline refinery issues due to Hurricane Ike. Within a few hours I saw the price of gasoline at $3.86 per gallon and some other stations still at $4.18. That does not make any sense at all. Again, I ask where the objective media reporters are.

I agree that the financial debacle story is huge, but this energy bill should not be ignored or buried by the feasting, biased, elite, east coast dominated media.

It is the Commander’s opinion that the obstructionist leadership of the House and Senate are trying to take the energy issue off the table for this coming election, but their action to date has not satisfactorily accomplished that goal. The current House ploy is simply a smoke screen. As T. Boone Pickens says…”Drill, drill and drill and then get busy developing alternative energy sources here in the good old USA”.

Republicans brought some of these problems upon themselves, because they held the majority positions from 1994-2006 and squandered opportunities. Currently, the Democratic majority is rubbing the Republican’s noses in the dirt and the public gets the short shrift again. I suspect that hope of bi-partisanship is dead in Washington.

My Congressman, Joe Donnelly, (a Democrat) says that yesterday’s action was half a loaf of bread and that is progress. No, Joe…America needs you guys in Washington to get off your backsides and take definitive action that delivers the entire loaf. Procrastination in Washington is not acceptable and will not get our votes come November. Yesterday’s action by the House was not bi-partisan, and it only threw a bone to the suffering citizens. Deliver positive results and achievement, or go away. Would it not be wonderful if they did something nice for us and not just for themselves? Congress sure is effective in covering their behinds, but not ours.


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Texas Lieutenant said...

Commander, when you wrote this post the national media was also pretty much overlooking the enormous effects of Hurricane Ike on Houston. If MILLIONS of people were without electricity in any east coast city, especially if it was New York City, the financial crisis might well have been much smaller!