Thursday, September 11, 2008


Today is a day that will live in the memories of individuals world-wide, because it is the seventh anniversary of the horrific terrorist attacks on the New York World Trade Center’s Twin Towers, the Pentagon in Washington, and the plane crash in Pennsylvania. Thousands were killed and additional thousands were injured, and/or maimed for life.

Immediately Americans were flying flags that represented our solidarity and patriotism. Although we were warned that international terrorists were planning to attack us within our homeland, the powers that be at the time did not believe it could or would happen. America’s arrogance and inaction resulted in that tragic event. Additionally, our politicians immediately reacted with typical bombastic indignation and demanded quick retribution.

While your Commander is not an Islamic or Muslim scholar, he does know that all followers of the Islamic faith or all Muslim people are not fanatic followers of the Jihad against all Americans. Unfortunately, we Americans tend to react to events in quick, overly simplistic fashion. Remember back in 1941 native born American citizens of Japanese ancestry were rounded up and placed in horrid isolated detention camps. At the same time, many German and Italian citizens were retained throughout the war years. History has proven that we over-reacted, but it was then politically accepted as saving America from dangerous foreign influences.

No one believes the seriousness of the terrorist threat to the American Way of Life more than your Commander, but we must be cautious to not over-react. It is prudent and necessary to take a step back and hold our breath before we paint all Muslims as our enemy, because facts prove that is not the case. The same problem is appearing within our current Presidential campaign with pious politicians injecting the race or gender card without any substantiated foundation. Race or gender discrimination has no place within the American society, and it was clearly forbidden in our Declaration of Independence. Unfortunately, it has taken us too many years to accept reality and react rationally.

I have a Cardiologist who happens to be of Egyptian birth and who is a US citizen. I trust him with my life and I will defend his right to equal protection under our laws. Additionally, his family and especially his children deserve all the rights and privileges that ALL Americans have under our laws.

History is a great teacher and education can neutralize racial tensions, and myths. Religious zealots are a danger to civilized people. I suggest anyone who is unfamiliar with the Islamic religion read ISLAM FOR DUMMIES.

Terrorists should receive no mercy, because they do not grant any to their targets all around the world. They hide behind shields of women and children and distort the religion they falsely champion. America must win the war on terrorism and we need to take all necessary actions to accomplish that goal. Failure is not acceptable, but let us be careful to NOT PAINT OUR MISSION WITH A BROAD BRUSH.


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