Tuesday, June 23, 2009


One of the great joys of my life is centered by my books, but until now I have never read any book cover to cover twice. My motivation to re-read an old book came from new information that came forth as a bi-product of the Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich scandal. On May 25, 2009 the Chicago Sun-Times reported that Representative Jesse Jackson Jr.’s congressional campaign organization paid his wife $247,500 since 2001. Congressman Jackson’s wife has been a Chicago City Council member since 2007. Additional questions remain open as to whether Jackson Jr. is negatively involved in the pending Blagojevich “Pay for Play” trial, too.

Smelling blood in the water of Chicago politics, I remembered reading back in 2002 a fascinating book about Jesse, Jr.’s father by Kenneth R. Timmerman titled “Shakedown - exposing the real Jesse Jackson.” Just to give you an idea of the author’s take on Jesse, Sr. let me quote from the book’s dedication, “To the victims of racial brokering, from the West Coast of America to the eastern shores of Africa.”

Now that I have re-read Timmerman’s well researched tome I can highly recommend that you, too, read this work. Once you read the 433 very revealing pages you will fully understand that in the case of the Jackson family “the apple does not fall too far from the tree.” I can honestly report that I have never had such a visceral reaction to any book I have ever read. I remain totally disgusted with the revelations.

Without spoiling your read, you will find that Jesse Jackson Sr.’s life has been based upon one lie after another starting with his fraudulent use of his self-proclaimed religious title, because he abandoned his studies at the Chicago Theological Seminary six months before graduation. When questioned why he did not complete the courses he said, “I am special,” and he has thus far gotten away with it. Additionally, Jackson claimed to be the last person to speak with Martin Luther King before he died, but that has been proven to be a lie by several individuals who were in attendance.

While never close to the Chicago Daley dynasty, Jackson has been permitted to do his thing because he keeps the vital black vote at bay. Jackson’s family shenanigans may be coming under greater scrutiny while the Obama administration maintains an ever increasing distance. You may have noticed that “Rev.” Jesse Jackson has been very quiet since Obama came into office. One reason is the fact that Susan Rice, Obama’s Ambassador to the United Nations and Cabinet member, knows the true story about Jackson’s illegal, unethical dealings that actually led to many murders and a War in Africa. Jackson’s close relationship with President Bill Clinton is very revealing too.

You will find this book clearly documents the duplicity of both political and judicial influences in perpetuating the highly lucrative Jackson con job. I predict that “Rev.” Jackson will lay low during the Obama administration, because Obama dare not permit a Jackson scandal during his term. If Jackson tries a power play against the Daley Machine or Obama he will be cut off at the knees without mercy.

I am certain you will not be able to put the book down once you start reading the shocking true story of the Jackson family’s misuse of the “race card” for their personal financial benefit.


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