Monday, June 1, 2009


Your Commander is sensing the beginnings of a shift in the liberal vent of American journalism. As the Obama Administration charges forward with an agenda that would like to dramatically change the landscape of America, I am seeing initial signs of inquiry on the part of some newspaper and broadcast journalists. Throughout the recent national election cycle we were bombarded by the media which had dramatically fallen in love with the Obama campaign, and almost daily bashed the McCain initiative with criticism. Even the third and fourth voices in the campaign, Ralph Nader and Ron Paul, were treated with almost total disregard.

Now questions and even criticism is slowly being written or voiced by a few major media outlets like the New York Times, the Washington Post, the big three television networks, and cable 24 hour news channels. Previously, only the Fox News Channel questioned the Obama policies. The inquisitive voices are few and far between, but they are a fresh breeze blowing against the previously totally one-sided portrait.

I believe the recent taxpayer discontent expressed with the numerous Tea Parties not only gained the attention of the media, but increased traction nationwide to question the Obama Administration’s rush to sudden changes in the American way of life. Americans across the land are expressing deep concern about the dramatic increase in our national debt levels and it has become clearly obvious that taxes will not be decreased as we were told, but will be dramatically increased to meet our unsustainable debt obligations.

Have you noticed the shift in the tone of the questions being addressed to Press Secretary Robert Gibbs by the previously adoring Washington Press Corp? Gibbs continues to amaze me in his arrogant positioning of the Obama agenda, however, now we hear some brave reporters asking objective and direct questions. The fawning tone that once ruled the Press Corp has slowly shifted demanding answers and not more Washington double speak. Although Obama promised America change, his spending spree is not “change we can believe in.” We continue to be lied to and those lies are catching up to this governing body, both Executive and congressionally speaking. Reporters are finally beginning to ask, “How will we pay for a change we can believe in?”

While still very early in the Obama Administration, corruption issues are already beginning to surface with close allies. Terry McAuliffe, former Democratic National Committee Chairman and current Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate, allegedly offered money to Ralph Nader to drop out of the 2008 presidential campaign. At that time McAuliffe was the Chairman of the Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign. Right or wrong, these charges should seriously hurt his election chances in the coming election cycle. Then there is the lingering issue of Obama’s vacated U.S. Senate seat and what involvement Chief of Staff Rham Emanuel might have had in discussions with now impeached Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich concerning the person to fill it.

The fact that the Stimulus Bill was jammed down our throats without even being given time to read is not something the American public will soon forget. We now know the Democrats were hiding a multitude of inappropriate expenditures that served special interests.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s recent remarks claiming she knew NOTHING about the use of water boarding followed by her disastrous Press Conference claiming that the CIA “lied to her” permitted the press to salivate. Pelosi’s actions have placed the Democrat Party and the Obama leadership in further jeopardy.

President Obama’s statement in June 2007 “We’re no longer a Christian nation” is coming back to haunt him, and his recent trillion dollar stimulus bill contains anti-Christian legislation that will stop churches from using public schools for meeting on Sundays, as well as Boy Scouts and student Bible study groups. These activities have taken place for years and not even the ultra liberal ACLU has tried to stop them. This has aroused many Americans.

The Wall Street Journal, while conservative, is asking hard questions relative to lawmakers charging taxpayers for TVs, cameras, and Lexus automobiles. In a lengthy May 30th article details of excessive personal self-serving expenditures by numerous Congressional members on both sides of the aisle establishes the fact that change has not come to Washington, as Obama promised.

The Wall Street Journal recently ran a poll that asked the question, “Is it appropriate for Congressmen to be reimbursed for ‘Official and representational expenses’?” The results indicated that 4.1% said yes, 26.3% said yes, but there should be more disclosure, and 69.6% stated a firm No.

My reaction to that poll is that come the next General Election incumbents are in for much closer scrutiny and that will not serve the Obama Administration well.

Vice President Joe Biden’s repeated verbal blunders and misstatements must cause President Obama great anguish. Biden will now be watched even closer by the “hungry for a story” press corp.

I suggest there is another reason for the awakening of the journalism fraternity. It is the sad economic condition of our major newspapers and broadcast outlets, and they collectively are frantically searching for ways to attract increased levels of readers and viewers. Controversy is effective bait in attracting bigger audiences for their work, so misstatements; corruption; reports of misconduct; and what seems to be old fashioned investigative reporting are just possible solutions to their audience erosion.

It will be interesting to see if Obama’s oratory skills can fool the inquisitive eyes and ears of our elite media. I think you, too, will agree that increasingly questions are being addressed. We the taxpayers need that to happen. I have always felt that it was the mission of journalism to get the facts and report them without bias.


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