Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Being in an almost perpetual blue funk with the condition of the stock market, I decided to venture over to one of my very favorite places, our public library. Scanning the shelves that contained new offerings, my mental state did not improve, because there were several books proclaiming the wonders of Barack Obama.

Searching for mental relief, I ventured into the shelves of fiction, and investigated my library’s stash of Ted Bell works. Happily I found two books I had not read and I quickly checked them out and retreated to my study with its warm fireplace.

As usual in reading works of Ted Bell, I ended up reading both books over four days, because once you start it is almost impossible to put his stories down. I know that I am prejudiced, but no one writes better action adventure books than Bell. I remember seeing him roaming the halls of the legendary Chicago Leo Burnett Advertising Agency where he rose to be President.

The first of these latest reads was titled PIRATE. It addressed the continuing adventures of British Intelligence operative Alex Hawke who this time crosses the world to tame the dangerous actions of a relative of France’s famed Napoleon and evil Chinese forces. Hawke’s usual companions are all there to aid in the mission to save peace in the world.

SPY was written one year later in 2006 and it covers Hawke’s unbelievable assault on evil forces moving from deep in the jungles of South America into the USA. This is a real page-turner. The bad guys are Iranian, Mexican, Muslim extremists. A recurring theme in SPY is our disregard for the integrity of our precious borders.

Should you want to get away from the doom and gloom of our current economic crisis there is no better way than to spend a few hours in the chapters of Ted Bell’s creative genius. Happy relaxation and I am sure you will be a huge fan of Ted Bell after reading PIRATE and SPY.

Guess what? Just after completion of these two books yesterday, the Dow/Jones increased 379.44 points. I’ll read Bell everyday if the market will keep growing, but I do know better.

Your Commander firmly believes that the good old USA will survive our current problems, but we must remain vigilant to the many real forces of evil that threaten our precious freedom.


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