Tuesday, March 10, 2009


At the present time the United States of America is in deep excrement, and I predict that it may take one hundred years for it to return to its earlier days of glory and stability. Unquestionably our country is in social, political, and economic turmoil that will not be resolved quickly.

Our current situation did not occur overnight, and there are many forces, influences, and individuals to blame for our broad base of problems. To say that our present circumstances are the fault of the previous administration is divisive and dishonest, because our perils have been brewing for many years. I suggest that the decline of THE AMERICAN WAY started immediately following the Great Depression. The shock of that tragic event caused our leadership to enter into political and moral compromises that have led to today’s malaise.

Your Commander suggests that the good old USA lost its moral compass, and entered into alliances that led to a great World War in both Europe and the Far East. Yes, World War II did resolve the Depression, but it set forth a series of developments that have led to our current situation. The agreements reached by our ailing leadership toward the end of World War ll led to the demise of colonialism, and aroused passionate nationalist/religious uprisings across the world.

After World War ll, and even the Korean War, America desired to live the good life, but in doing so America compromised its principals, which we are paying a heavy price for today. Repeatedly we failed to address our growing dependence on oil, and political forces encouraged business to expand into areas that were inappropriate, unethical, and corrupt. Over an extended period of time American industry repeatedly failed to address improved automobile mileage standards, failed to provide sufficient research dollars to develop energy independence, ignored good business policies in banking regulation, as well as appropriate oversight of Wall Street policies. Our educational system is in shambles because we permitted the union movement to prevent appropriate corrective action. Political acquiescence to union pressures has resulted in the current disastrous automotive industry.

America’s foreign policies have been both arrogant and self-serving, and in many cases propped up corrupt foreign governments. We repeatedly tried to buy our influence by throwing vast fortunes at governments who in the long run have turned their backs, taken our money, and voted against America in the United Nations. For many years the USA has dumped billions of dollars into the devious United Nations, and we are looked upon as gullible fools or “Ugly Americans”.

America and its citizens have had things too good for too long, and we are now paying the piper. Our new administration is taking us down a road that can only result in massive debt that I do not see how any civilization can repay. I believe the foreign policy of the new administration is one of appeasement, which places us at great defensive peril.

Currently the future is bleak, but there is always hope and optimism that a leader will eventually come forth who will tell the electorate the truth. We need leadership that is from the people and for the people. Our leadership has come from the ranks of multi-millionaires or politicians who are out to feather their own private nest, and do not serve in the true interests of the people.

Your Commander does not see a clear picture of the future until the voting public wakes up from their stupor of prosperity, and demands accountability along with performance. We have had enough political double-talk. Our great democracy will only endure when we go back to our foundation of the Declaration of Independence, and our wondrous Constitution. Our Founding Fathers never promised womb to tomb entitlement, but we were lulled into depending upon the false promises of our political charlatans. Let us get back to basics and confidence, and then a clear and honest productive future will come into view.


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