Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The hot topic is the outrage in Washington’s political circles toward the recent announced bonus payments to personnel at AIG. Recently, President Obama outlined his outrage via his teleprompter speech to an adoring media, and the dumfounded American public. This was quickly supported by his talking puppet White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, and now Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) claims that he will introduce legislation declaring the bonus checks to be subject to a 100% tax.

All this really represents is a text book example of Transference or changing the attention of the audience away from the true facts. No one can tell me that our government officials did not have prior knowledge of the bonus payment plan. Yesterday it was disclosed that a special amendment was inserted recently in the Stimulus Plan legislation by Senator Christopher Dodd (D-CT) to protect bonuses paid to “bail-out” recipients after February 11, 2009. It is very interesting that Senator Dodd was the largest recipient of campaign contributions from AIG (more than $100,000 for his re-election campaign last year). There is a very revealing article by Jim Meyers on 3/17/09 titled Two Faced: Dodd Protected Bonuses, Now He Wants Them Out, which proves his culpability and repeated conflict of interest.

Each day your Commander sees growing evidence that our liberal media is smelling smoke, and is finally recognizing that they inserted the hook in their mouths far too early. Our media did not properly vet the Obama resume, and they became mesmerized in his carefully crafted campaign. It is not only Fox News that is exposing the true facts behind this AIG story, but even the Big Three network newscasts now find they must air the story. As slim as the coverage has been, it is beginning to creep into the airwaves, and the Obama administration is desperately running for cover.

Do you believe that our supposedly brilliant Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner did not have prior knowledge of the inner workings of AIG? Geithner worked in the inner circles of Wall Street and our government’s financial institutions, and worked with former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson to put the AIG bail-out package together last fall. It is impossible to believe that he did not know about the long established bonus retention plan. Assuming he knew, Geithner should be immediately replaced for permitting Obama’s team to walk into a mega-problem.

Additionally, the duplicity of both the Senate and Congressional Oversight Committees is beyond comprehension. Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA) is lying through his teeth on a daily basis, because he repeatedly failed to meet his Congressional responsibilities. Both Frank and Senator Dodd urged AIG to make unsupportable loans years ago and their actions led to the current scandal.

There is a very interesting article written by Vasko Kohlmayer for American Thinker titled: Who is Barney Frank? You should read it, and I think you will agree that he should be removed from the House, if not be put in jail. Here is the link:

In yesterday’s Wall Street Journal there is an excellent editorial “The Real AIG Outrage”, and a thorough article by Ron Shelp titled “AIG Can Be Salvaged by a Breakup”. They can be found by copying the individual links below and pasting them in your browser:

What really concerns your Commander is just how secure are any contracts that we all hold in view of the Obama administration’s recent pronouncements? I believe the contracts signed by AIG are valid. I do not like them, but how can you go back and make they invalid? What is next? What if Obama’s hatchet men decide they want my home, and they invalidate my contract with my bank or any contract I have for services rendered? Honestly, these recent actions are scaring the hell out of me because I no longer think anything is secure once the government gets involved.

Your government and mine had prior knowledge of the deals within AIG, and they are lying to the American public with their unrighteous indignation. This is pure corrupt political double-speak. Sadly many administrations have been lying to us for many years, and we never held them accountable. We better wake-up before it is too late or all our liberties will evaporate before our very eyes. The American Way of Life is in great peril. Transparency, although a much used word these days, has left the Washington vernacular. The new definition of transparency is lying, because if you tell a lie enough times the fools will believe you. We have no one to blame but ourselves.


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Anonymous said...

I read this blog and followed the link to american thinker. I knew plenty of Barney, but not all that was included in that piece. I'm amazed the people of his state continue to vote him in, time and time again. The regular guy doesn't do enough homework when it comes to their local politicians. They seem to be happy with that the status quo. Sad!