Monday, February 2, 2009


Your Commander can look at the state of both the Republican and Democrat Parties objectively, because he remains an Independent Conservative. Neither party has made substantial changes in their approach to ruling the nation to justify my interest or membership.

There are a few very basic requirements that must be met before I will consider a shift in my party affiliation. Let us start with honesty. When will the members of both the House and Senate hold their fellow members to the same ethical standards that all citizens are required to follow? Who will step forward and address fiscal responsibility? Which party will deliver on their claim for transparency? When will the role of lobbyist be clearly defined? Which party will require its members to live by the same rules that the average citizen does, i.e., pensions, health insurance, perks, self voting on pay increases, and the elimination of double standards. The current use of bi-partisanship is an insult to our intelligence, because it is nothing but Washington double-speak. Vast sums of money continue to seriously damage and influence the political process.

Currently the Club (House and Senate) does not represent the people, but a privileged set of wealthy individuals who have built a wall around their sphere that is self-protective and self-preservation in nature. Were the members of both the House and Senate required to live as you and I, we would have a much improved governing leadership.

I am certain that you have a list of things that would improve our government, but let me tell you, there is little or no chance that we will be able to change the situation now. Nothing is going to happen until we elect a leader that will unify the now silent majority into action. I remain always hopeful, but speaking realistically I do not see that happening within my lifetime. Times will have to get far worse and our silent majority will have to hurt more than they currently do before lawful action will be demanded and takes place.

The redistribution of wealth is a huge danger and the enrichment of the entitlement minority is a peril facing every hardworking citizen today. The continued failure of our educational system and the absence of a complete family unit in many minority households only enhance the power of current ruling leadership. I really do not think they honestly want these issues to be improved. Our leaders’ failure to solve illegal immigration and illegal drugs fall into this same disruptive pattern. Perpetuation of the status quo is the goal of our leadership.

If you think I am taking another shot at President Obama you are dead wrong. I am addressing the state of our entire government leadership, if you want to include Obama in that group that is your choice.

I remain optimistic that America will wake up just before it is too late, but nothing will ever happen to get us back on the Founding Fathers agenda until the silent majority is better organized and they get off their lethargic backsides and into the voting booth.


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