Thursday, February 19, 2009


Far be it for me to be an “I told you so”, but events of the past few days suggest that your Commander was right several weeks ago.

Getting to the point, Illinois Senator Roland Burris (D) is toast and should resign immediately. The Chicago Tribune ran a poll today with 5,729 total responses and reported that 85.7% called for his resignation, and only 14.3% were opposed. Both Chicago newspapers (Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times) have editorialized for his resignation. Additionally, The Washington Post, The State Journal-Register in Springfield, and the Peoria Journal Star all agree.

Even if Burris can get past the Illinois General Assembly investigation, he probably could not be elected when his appointed term ends in less than two years. Were he to run for election, the Republicans would have a great opportunity to recapture the Senate seat, and the Democrat Party will certainly not take that chance.

Weeks ago, your Commander warned you about President Obama’s multimillionaire Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. His long history of operating on the edge of ethical behavior appears to be catching up with him. Newsmax.Com reported today that Emanuel lived rent-free for five years in the Washington home of Rep. Rosa DeLauro D-Conn. It is reported that DeLauro’s husband is a Democratic pollster, Stan Greenberg, and Emanuel directed substantial business to Greenberg’s polling company when he was the Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Again, another major player in the Obama administration has evaded the payment of appropriate taxes, and clearly operated in a conflict of interest in his relationship with DeLauro and her husband. If his rent-free living were considered by the IRS as a “gift”, it would have a value of at least $100,000 - TAXABLE. If former Commerce appointee Tom Daschle had to pay taxes on free limo service over two or three years, why doesn’t the IRS look into Emanuel’s free living quarters?

Additional disturbing issues exist with Emanuel’s prior directorship with Freddie Mac. President Obama would be wise to put distance between himself and Emanuel immediately.

Again the foul smell of Illinois/Chicago politics flows over Washington and it is bound to cloud the Obama administration. Are these the kind of people we want leading our country and our government? They are nothing but Ugly Americans.


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