Thursday, February 26, 2009


This will be a short one. I have two simple questions for your consideration as a result of the recently passed Stimulus Bill and the proposed Budget Bill.

1. Do you believe that the Obama Administration punishes success?

2. Do you believe that the Obama Administration rewards bad behavior and/or failure?

If you make more than $250,000 you are successful, and shortly will be required to pay increased taxes.

If you signed a mortgage you could not honestly afford, purchased a home with a sub-prime flexible rate assuming the home’s price would increase, ran up credit card bills beyond your ability to repay, dropped out of high school, are chronically unemployed, receive welfare, do not pay any taxes, then you know the answer to the second question.

Every American is coming out of this situation on the short end of the stick with a debt structure that no economy can repay without placing our democracy in great peril. The president the American voter’s got is a president nothing like the candidate who received their votes and who promised no earmarks, transparency, honesty, ethics, and bi-partisanship in his administration. Sorry guys, but we’ve been conned.


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