Friday, January 23, 2009


Since the November 2008 election we have witnessed a very smooth transition that continued the theme of CHANGE and stressed a civil bi-partisan tone.

However, on the 44th President’s third day in office several serious chilling events have occurred that cause me to pause and question my initial support for our newly elected President. I am truly trying to give our new leader the benefit of the doubt, but his early performance is trying my patience. I feel our leader should know better than insult the intelligence of the electorate, promptly start paying off political debts, and ignoring his long promised transparency in his administration.

1. Why was the entire White House Press Corps not alerted to the second swearing in of the President Wednesday evening?

2. On the third day of the Presidency why must the first official Executive
Order be to announce the closing of Gitmo within one year, yet there is no
outline for the dispersal of the detainees.

3. Does the announcement of the elimination of all forms of torture not send
the wrong message to our enemy?

I suggest that we as a country have far greater problems facing our daily lives than the three issues outlined above, but they are obviously the priority of our new administration. Additionally, I have learned that all records of past administrations are now to be open for examination. This is nothing more than a bitter vicious political attack on the Bush administration. I see this as a quick payoff to Move-on. Org and/or George Siros.

Do you seriously think any of these actions are the most important matters facing our country?

Further, the new faces of the power structure appearing on our television sets are really old Washington hacks retreaded from previous Democrat administrations. This too is troubling, but America is getting just what it voted to receive. I pray we survive the severe shift to the liberal socialistic influences.

Are we experiencing the CHANGE that we were promised or a return to patrician political steamrolling by a Congress and Executive branch that has firm one party rule? I believe we are witnessing the payoff for one of the most brilliantly executed public relations/ advertising political campaigns funded by record sums of legal and illegal monies. The superb campaign for Obama led to a record voting turnout by legal/illegal voters.

I predict that in the weeks and months ahead we will witness the Chicago-style political heavy hand of Rahm Emanuel, and it will not be a pleasant experience. Additionally, I believe the first to turn on President Obama will be the entitlement crowd or the Union’s the minute either thinks they are not getting their prompt due.

Hold on to your saddle and wallet, because the ride will only get rougher for Republicans and Independent Conservatives.


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jingraffia said...

Commander, you are spot on with your views on this. This was an opening salvo payback to the far left and their anti-American leader Soros. All of this hand wringing over so called torture of detainees; what happens when they are transfered to US prisions and endure a new kind of torture if not murder by other prisoners?