Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Your Commander will bet that 9 out of 10 people you pass on the street have absolutely no idea what the TRILATERAL COMMISSION represents, recommends, or espouses. On further reflection, I suspect that the figure would really be about 95%, and only 5 individuals out of 100 have any real knowledge regarding the TRILATERAL COMMISSION.

Recently some good friends visited and during our discussions I was asked if I was familiar with the purpose of the Commission? I responded that I had a faint recollection, but in reality knew next to nothing about the goals of the Commission. This stirred my interest and drove me to my computer and an investigation into details via Google.

Quickly I found four very interesting and informative reports that I suggest you read as I did. Obviously, if you are part of the 5% or 10% that are knowledgeable you need not proceed further.

The TRILATERAL COMMISSION was founded by David Rockefeller following his reading of then Columbia University Professor Zbigniew Brzezinski’s book BETWEEN TWO AGES. In essence Brzezinski (who later served as President Carter’s National Security Advisor) urged an alliance between North America, Western Europe and Japan to meet the necessary changes that a modern world required. The purpose of the Commission is far more complicated than I have thus far outlined, and I urge you to read the four articles using the links below. Most disturbing to me is the suggestion that the upper class must join together to protect their global financial interests over those of the hoi polloi (common people).



http://www.straightdoope.com/columns/read.524/is-the-trilateral-commission-the secret-org


After you read these important reference pieces (it will not take you long) I am certain that you, too, will be disturbed. If the goals of the Commission are for the betterment of mankind, why is the organization so secret? Please draw your own conclusion, but I feel it is vital that more and more hoi polloi become better informed of the Commission’s real goals. I find it to be most interesting to learn who has been and/or is a member of the Commission. Obviously many of our most important world leaders are telling their people one thing and in reality operating behind the scenes in activities that represent a totally different conclusion. Your Commander finds this to be an alarming development, and I believe that people should know just what their leaders’ true motivations are.


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