Monday, December 1, 2008


In the midst of the worst economic predicament since the Great Depression of the 1930’s the citizens of this country grow more hypocritical every day. Let me list a few of the problems we are fostering that makes our economy fall even further into a black hole.

We all readily admit that America is facing a huge energy problem with a limited, diminishing supply of petroleum. Even with gasoline prices falling, I believe the oil producing countries will find a way to return the per-barrel price to a much higher level. Recognizing these facts, why do our major automotive manufacturers continue to stress horsepower, and their cars can achieve great speeds within seconds? Why does Chrysler’s Jeep Division continue to air advertisements that depict young people speeding recklessly across sand dunes that are nothing short of suicidal actions?

Would it not be more responsible for our failing automobile companies to be stressing safety and conservation of fuel? Maybe they could sell more cars if their sales approach did not insult the buyer’s intelligence with their hyproicy.

When you’re driving down the road do you notice the increasing number of drivers who are talking on their cell phones? It does not take a brain surgeon to know that the distraction caused by talking and driving is causing increases in motor vehicle accidents, as well as vehicular deaths.

Have you noticed the fact that our fellow drivers continue in ever increasing numbers to totally ignore the posted speed limits? Recently I was driving in my local community observing the posted speed limit of 40 mph, and I received two honking horns, and an additional three different one finger salutes. In my suburban community there is a stop sign that few individuals observe.

With our local governments crying for more and more revenue to operate their bloated administrations I support the installation of surveillance cameras. Here is an excellent method to feed the local government’s coffers, and keep police officers free to chase criminals. The cost of the cameras will be quickly recouped, and our politicians will have more money to cover their pet projects.

Surely you have a long list of the hypocritical circumstances confronting you, too, on a daily basis. Let us not even talk about our elected political officials when it comes to hypocrisy. The current televised public hearings being held in Washington to investigate potential bailouts are the height of hypocrisy. Political grandstanding leads my list, and still we keep re-electing these same self-serving, money hungry, so-called public servants.

When it really comes to hypocrisy it is time for every one of us to look into the mirror, and ask ourselves what we can do to change things.


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