Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Love to Read

My local CBS television station has just completed another successful promotional campaign to attract young elementary school students to the joys of reading. While I am long past my days in elementary school, I LOVE TO READ.

Currently, I spend several hours each day at my computer reviewing four or five major newspapers, various broadcast trade journals, some local websites and I frequently search Google for information on issues of interest.

Additionally, I am blessed with a comfortable retirement situation which permits me to have sufficient time to read daily. In a normal week, I have been known to read two or three books and currently I’m reading three wonderful books. Lately, I have read a great deal of historical material, but I don’t like to dwell on the past, but read for knowledge in assisting the development of a better future

Right now I’m reading Richard Longworth’s CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE, which studies America’s Heartland in the Age of Globalism. Additionally, I’ve just finished THE GHOST WAR by a great young author Alex Berenson, and I’m deep into the Nationally Syndicated Columnist Robert Novak’s 680 page THE PRINCE OF DARKNESS. It is a fascinating political tome from the 1950’s to the present time.

Today, I want to recommend you get a copy of Bernard Goldberg’s paperback CRAZIES TO THE LEFT OF ME/ WIMPS TO THE RIGHT. He is the veteran CBS reporter who now appears frequently on Fox News holding his own with Bill O’Reilly. His book is an excellent review of major issues confronting our country and society today. Bernie is equally hard on Liberals and Conservatives/ Democrats and Republicans, both Bushes, Nixon, Carter, Reagan, and the Clintons. Clearly, he tends to be more favorable to the conservative side of the coin, and his chapters on earmarks (pork) and racism are outstanding.

Both the Berenson and Goldberg books are wonderful reads and would be good for an airplane flight or a vacation read by the pool. Don’t try and read either when you go to bed, because you’ll keep turning pages and get very little sleep.

As my age grows the birthdays seem to come quicker, and that saddens me, because there is so much more to read, digest and learn. I find the time clock is working against me, but I find reading a great joy and emotionally rewarding. You will too, and I hope you do not wait until it’s too late to achieve the great satisfaction reading provides.

I LOVE TO READ is a gateway for both young and old minds to attain great satisfaction in life’s great journey.


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Texas Lieutenant said...

Congratulations Commander! Some retirees don't bother to expand their horizons. It seems you have found even more exciting things to learn than you might have known to look for before retirement. Keep telling us about them!