Sunday, April 27, 2008


This must be the longest political season in the history of modern civilization. Today
I was beta-testing my Lazy Boy chair and suddenly jumped to an upright position.
(I bet that was a sight.) What startled me awake was another bogus claim by a politician suggesting that they would solve unemployment, war, property taxes, sin and all forms of pestilence. Enough I say, because we still have more than one week before primary voting takes place here in Fly-over country (Indiana).

I have tried to determine just who would fall for the political drivel that is being spread repeatedly daily across the airwaves. Our politicians are all appealing to the entitlement crowd that now expects to be covered from birth through death. These same voters expect their government to provide everything while they are not expected to work or pay for that care.

Recently I went to Google for copies of both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. I have not read either document since I was in high school and it was a refreshing experience that re-energized my appreciation of having been born in this wonderful, unique democracy.

Clearly, we all are going through difficult times and our politicians are driving a huge wedge into the hearts of the voting public by their frantic efforts to get elected.
I just heard that the three major candidates will spend over one billion dollars to be elected our President. With all the challenges facing the USA and the civilized countries of the world, we need strong, reasoned LEADERSHIP. We do not need a leader who will say anything to get elected. Frankly, I am concerned and you should be too.

Why has nothing been done to solve our social security deficit, run away medical expense, immigration, border security, gasoline prices, earmarks, national debt, middle-east conflict, terrorism, energy dependence, excessive taxation, greenhouse gases, and issues continue to multiply? Our elected officials nationally, regionally and locally are so busy raising funds for re-election and smearing their fellow politicians that few major problems get resolved. Both political parties are guilty and, in my opinion, virtually all of the incumbents should be voted out of office. George Bush, supposedly a conservative, has gone wild spending money. Nancy Pelosi the Speaker of the House and Harry Reid the Leader of the Senate are both nothing but obstructionist, party hacks. Calling those two from Congress “leaders” is a joke impacting every citizen. If politics is known as the art of compromise, we surely have lost our rudder because it now resorts to trash and bury tactics.

Each high school student and every person of voting age should read two wonderful books that address leadership. David McCullough’s New York Times bestselling 1776 beautifully presents the foresight of our founding fathers. Next, I would recommend Michael Beschloss’s PRESIDENTIAL COURAGE. These works address leadership qualities that impacted many of the most important issues and decisions of our history.

Virtually all of our noted and revered leaders had significant flaws and they, too, weren’t perfect in solving some of the big issues of their day. With our Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 our Founding Fathers said that “ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL”. America elected fifteen Presidents who failed to address slavery, and it didn’t occur until Abraham Lincoln, our sixteenth President, released his Emancipation Proclamation some eighty-six years later on January 1, 1863.

If you think politicians are dirty now you will be shocked to learn of some of the tactics and name calling tossed around over the years. For instance, Abe Lincoln suspended habeas corpus during the Civil War. While there are many warts disclosed by historians, we have had numerous courageous leaders who faced unpopular issues and stood firm to principals of true leadership. Both books will assist you in selecting a strong leader in our next election.

I have seen nothing in either the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution that obligates or calls for our government to provide womb to tomb entitlements. We do have a moral duty to address all our citizen’s needs, but only within reason. Each of us has a significant responsibility to make a solid voting decision in November 2008. We must select a strong Commander in Chief who will address all the issues straight on with objective leadership or our children and our grandchildren will not enjoy the continuingly upgraded quality of life that has blessed this great country since 1776. Your vote is more important now than anytime in our history.

We are truly blessed to be citizens of this country and we have a duty to preserve and, more importantly, improve our democracy for future generations.



Texas Lieutenant said...

Once again Commander, you have some fine thoughts here. Perhaps we could take all of the wasted campaign contributions and apply them to Social Security or the national debt? All the money spent on mudslinging and attacks could certainly serve a more constructive purpose. But on the other hand, elections even with all the mudslinging, are one of the priviledges of our democracy. At least WE, however few of us choose to vote, will make the choice on who to elect after all the noise.

Ensign EP said...

The world is certainly changing and this election will have an impact on the direction our country takes. I can only hope that everyone realizes that they have a responsibility to exercise their rights as citizens and VOTE.