Wednesday, April 9, 2008

April 9, 2008


Frankly, I am already sick and tired of the political election season. It seems to have gone on forever and I have not heard anything new in any one of their positions since the campaigns started.

Have you heard the constant commercials that say…”I am fighting for you”? When I hear that claim my blood pressure climbs, because I do not want them going to Washington, the state capital or city hall to fight for me. I want them to go and do what I voted for them to accomplish and that can only be done by WORKING, NOT FIGHTING.

Politics is the art of compromise and I have never seen anything of significance accomplished by fighting. Hard work, straight talk, reasoned suggestions and fair compromises can be reached by civil discussion. All the posturing and huffing and puffing do little for the poor over-taxed voter.

I suspect some highly paid advertising guru in Washington or New York told the candidates that fighting is a word that will motivate voters to react positively to their message. Well, I want to tell you that may work with the entitlement and union crowd, but it infuriates me. Look where all the “fighting” has gotten our Congress lately…nothing of any consequence has been accomplished. The only thing that our elected officials consistently do is pass legislation that lines their pockets and provides the poor constituents with greater financial obligations and ever increasing national, regional and local debt.

Our great public servants never fail to pass their yearly pay raises, and they never miss a chance to call for a recess so they can fly home at taxpayer expense to solicit more campaign funds. Don’t get me started on the subject of earmarks and the pork barrel scams that are being perpetrated daily. A recent television “In-depth report” of 30 seconds duration announced that the largest dollar amount of pork has gone to Alaska, Hawaii and North Dakota, and my first term Congressman, Joe Donnelly, alone was given $9,640,000 in earmarks. I have written and sent emails to his office in an effort to determine just where the 9+ Million is going, but the only thing I get back from my “fighting” Congressman is a form letter confirming my email. One should wonder just what I would receive if I sent him money with my inquiry.

Congress continues to borrow from the Social Security Fund and place IOU’s in the vault that they have no intension of repaying. Why has there been no sincere effort to address the Social Security Fund pending shortfall? Why can’t our elected officials address Immigration, the budget shortfall, failed educational institutions, waste in entitlement programs, gasoline pricing, or the oil/energy dilemma? Why do we continue to give huge foreign aid dollars to countries that keep oil prices at exhorbitant levels? When will politicians learn that throwing money at a problem is not the answer? Our elected officials are so busy fighting for their own interests, your vote, and among themselves that they are frozen into inaction. Our power is in our vote, so learn what you can about EVERY candidate for whom you cast a vote.

Am I angry? I sure am and it is time that I and all the other taxpaying voters open their windows, stick their heads out and then yell at the top of their voices…I’M MAD AS HELL AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE. It is time that we all get off our back sides and learn about the candidates…who they really are and what they stand for…and then go vote. Stop fighting and start working to make this country better for all the people and not the politicians. As my old Mayor Richard J. Daly in Chicago said…”Vote early and vote often”.



Texas Lieutenant said...

Maybe "fighting" would be good if they would just beat each other to a pulp! Then leave our tax money alone! Vote often!

sara said...

i love this blog so much. I'm trying very hard to learn all I can about each candidate. I think it starts with getting back to traditional values, but unfortunately, i'm torn to think it might be too late for that.? This coming from a girl who still has her nose pierced from age 15 and married a guy in a rock band. Hey, but at least I make sure to talk to my parents everyday.