Sunday, April 25, 2010


Scanning the Washington Post website today I ran across a very interesting story about a small radio station in Galveston, Texas owned and operated by an American company, however the content or programming comes from a state-owned broadcaster in the Peoples Republic of China. To quote the article the voice of the station intones, “China Radio International – This is Beyond Beijing."

I suggest that you may be interested in reading the six-page article at:

This story is very interesting, and is something that should receive wide distribution. My first reaction gives me great pause for concern, but maybe this is not something to fear. We must accept the fact that we entered the sphere of Globalization willingly, and maybe this is part of that evolution. At this stage I am not ready to draw a definite position, but urge all my readers to become informed and then draw your own conclusion.

The world we live in is certainly changing, and it is said that one must adapt or perish. Time will only tell if our society is perishing, but there are voices being heard who think that is just the case.


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